My new bff

Meet Tennyson…


My shoulder has been killing me today (like, seriously. I just wanted to go home take some prescription strength ibuprofen and sleep it off. Or find someone to call for emergency massage. Or acupuncture. ). Tennyson’s an excellent masseuse, but it wears off quickly. I’ve also been bonding with my parents’ old heating pad this evening… I honestly can’t tell that there’s been much improvement though.

Today my office had pizza with the head of the libraries and since nothing there (except the blackberries and strawberries) is anything I’d ever buy for myself to eat, I gave myself the go head, which turned into four pieces of mushroom pizza, some cookies, and the previously mentioned berries.

I only stopped myself from continuing by reminding myself that I probably won’t be running the next few days. Needless to say, I wasn’t very hungry for an afternoon snack.

Dinner was leftover Trader Joe’s Pav Bhaji


With Wheat Thins (straight from the box) to help stifle the heat.


I might boil up our last egg in a bit since I’m still peckish and it probably needs eating anyway.

We’ve had six class meetings and already have our second test tomorrow. Oh Maymester. Wish me luck!


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