Quick, easy, painful

Hello! I’m afraid I have a one-picture-post for you tonight.  I’m feeling rather rushed. Class ran long, which means I had to stay at work even later than usual I’d like and I still have about four pages left of reading to do before I can even thinking about reading for fun.

Dinner was just sort of my last ‘quick and easy’ meal that isn’t what I’m eating for lunch all week. Trader Joe’s Pav Bhaji.


I could actually only eat about half of it because it’s super spicy. I can deal with it for awhile but then it starts to feel like it’s actually doing some damage to my tongue. So for tonight I gave up. I think it would be wonderful with some plain Greek yogurt though. You know, if I were capable of having any ‘just lying about.’

Today was a rest day, which is just as well since I’ve got all sorts of aches and pains going on. I skipped my three mile run yesterday because first my right hip was hurting me, then my back started twinging. My back is still twinging and the my left shoulder/neck got really really sore… I’m falling apart, I’m telling you. I’ve been spending some quality time with a tennis ball between my shoulder and the couch back and it has helped a lot.

I hate to run, but this semester is crazy!


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