Weekend recap

Well hello there

girls night

Girl’s night was a blast. Tasty Texas margaritas, garden quesadillas, chips and salsas, and some random movie called She’s Out of My League, which had only one person I even recognized but was surprisingly amusing.

After sleeping too late to make it to the farmer’s market I had my usual weekend/treat breakfast of two slices of whole wheat toast with smart balance and coconut oil (mmm, healthy fats)

Photo on 2010-05-08 at 10.04

Hubs and I walked the dogs up to Five Points and got ice coffee/tea (respectively), it was about 1.8 miles each way. My training plan called for just a half hour walk, which it probably was one way. We sat at the coffee shop to let the dogs cool off and then started to walk back. I ended up running the last mile at a pretty good clip… we’d pushed Gypsy too hard and she actually start peeing blood, so I ran back to get the car and go pick everyone else up. She was back to normal after dinner but is due for shot, so we’ll probably get her checked out just in case. It would suck to lose both dogs to kidney problems within 6 months of each other.

As soon as we got home Hubs left to go play disc golf with the boys. My lunch was this:


Followed by a nap, shower, and then we headed over to Terrapin Brewery for some more bonding time (sorry for the cell phone pictures)

blurry Hubs and roommate Dan


A toothy Terry and bff Alex:




You get 8 tickets which are supposed to buy you a quarter of a glass each, but the pours are more like half a glass. I only managed about four full glasses (half each of: Golden Ale, Sunray Wheat, Cap’n Krunkles (one of their side projects, a black IPA), and Hop Karma IPA).

After the brewery we headed back to Alex’s place to watch the Braves lose and consume numerous pigs in a blanket. One of the few exceptions to my vegetarianism šŸ™‚ They were totally worth it.

Today started with more toast, some homework, and lunch was a cherry chocolate bomb smoothie with spinach:


And some celery with peanut butter:


I think Gypsy’s forgiven us for yesterday:


Kongs make everything better.

Dinner was vegetarian couscous with the sameĀ substitutionsĀ as before, though I had enough green onions this time. I also double the spices and it was absolutely fabulous. I love the occasional bites of toasted almonds… I think next time I’ll add more of those and more Craisins.


The best part about this recipe? Hubs and I both now have four lunches already made and packaged up for this week. Grab and go is so amazing.

Now I have a serious sweet tooth. I’ve had two cookies already and still want more. Maybe I’ll grab some more Craisins…




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