Gotta be quick! I still have 10 pages to read before bed!

Hubs suggested we go to Taqueria del Sol for dinner tonight, a favorite of the family’s, I was so excited when they opened one here in Athens. And a guy I had a crush on in early high school is definitely a bar tender. Well we were just there last Friday, but there was a random black out and so we couldn’t pay, much less tip. So we went back tonight to make good on the tip we promised.

I got a fish taco, which is breaded and fried tilapia with poblano tartar sauce and pickled jalapenos and a bowl of their refried beans. Love the fish tacos and the beans were pretty good too.


After dinner we headed to Jittery Joes (local coffee chain) because Hubs had a buy one get one free coupon we settled down to study for our test tomorrow (yup, fourth day of class), I got a peach iced tea for the caffeine and he got a turtle mocha. Well more of the mocha ended up on the book and my lap than in his belly, so that was cut short. I was sticky! I finished my tea though!

I’m going to be tiiiiiiired tomorrow. And I’m going out for girl’s night so I won’t be able to go to bed early, as my body will be asking for. I get margaritas though! The boys are playing poker, so I expect to be sleeping alone. Those games go on forever! In any case, you’ll have to wait till saturday to hear from me again. “See” you then!


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