A new start

Why hello there guys and gals. If you’ve actually stuck with me over the past few months I am eternally grateful! My schedule is even busier now than it was in spring semester,  but I’m going to try to bring blogging back into my life as a regular activity. A lot of my meals will be the same from day to day, so just posting dinners will make things a lot easier. Currently my days look like this:

  1. 4:55: alarm goes off. I hit snooze or “alarm 2” (set for 5:25) and lie in bed waiting to fall back asleep
  2. 4:58: I realize sleep ain’t going to happen, get up.
  3. 5:00: In the shower
  4. 5:10: Out of the shower, dry, put on underwear, followed by makeup, hair, and clothes
  5. 5:25: Take dogs out
  6. 5:35: (yes, I’m a horrible doggie parent) Bring dogs in, feed dogs, put two slices of bread in toaster, make smoothie, spread peanut butter on toast
  7. 6:05: Put together food for the day while eat breakfast, then take breakfast upstairs and read blogs while I finish eating
  8. 6:30: brush teeth, head to work
  9. 6:55: check email, facebook, web comic of choice
  10. 7:00: begin opening
  11. 9:20: meet hubs and walk to class
  12. 9:30-12:15: sit in class, take notes…
  13. 12:25: say goodbye to hubs, return to desk, eat lunch, work
  14. 5:50: walk out of office
  15. 6:10: arrive home, exercise
  16. To be followed by a 5 minute, cold shower, dinner, blog, and homework, to hopefully have 15 minutes to read my “for fun” book and then bed.

So forgive me if I miss a day here or there.

But for this week, I will be eating peanut butter toast on whole wheat bread, as well as a spinach smoothie with half a banana, ovaltine, half a scoop of whey protein powder, and if I’m feeling indulgent some frozen cherries



Lunches will be a salad, mostly romaine, with some spring mix mixed in, and a raspberry vinaigrette I hate, but I’m too lazy to make a balsamic.


And for some protein, I’m finally trying Kath’s raw tempeh and jam sandwich, though technically this is a raspberry polaner.


Snacks include (morning and afternoon respectively) raw almonds and prunes plus Wheat Thins and hummus (which lives in the office fridge)

almonds prunes wheat thins

And tonight, which is unusual, we had Chickfila for dinner. This is the third time I’ve had chicken in 5 days. The second time that chicken has come from Chickfila. The other time it was kosher, though. If that means anything to anyone 🙂 The excuse for tonight was that Hubs had a friend who would get money from the sales to put towards a mission trip.


And that’s all folks! Time to read 20 pages of political science, woohoo!


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