An awesome weekend, all around!

I could have put up half of this post yesterday, but I was having much too grand a time lounging on the couch with the puppies and Drums of Autumn.

I mean really, who can deny this:


(Yes, my shirt says Born to Knit and the skull has a ball of yarn with knitting needles sticking out of its head/eyes 😀 )

But this is what Hubs and I have been eating all weekend long:


Looks yummy right? Well I can actually share the recipe today, but just a warning, it makes a ton:


Hubs was browsing around for dinner ideas Thursday night and found one on Epicurious for vegetarian couscous.

We pretty much followed the recipe but left out the chickpeas (he’s allergic and I just don’t like them), subbed craisins for dried currants, and only had one bunch of scallions because I just assumed it only called for one. No cilantro either, for the same reasons as the chickpeas.


It was pretty good! Next time I would definitely double the amount of spices used because I couldn’t taste them at all. But we literally both had good sized portions and then filled 5 tupperware containers with the rest!

Other than eating lots of couscous, my weekend was pretty awesome (and the food was pretty good too!). I got pretty much all of my reading done Saturday (because honestly, reading a chapter on Darwin in a bio textbook just isn’t the same as reading the actual Origin of Species which I did about this time last year. kids stuff.), we took the dogs to the dog park, gave them a bath, and I hiked some trails at the state botanical gardens with Sarah. So pretty!

Sunday I cleaned the tub and grocery shopped and basically lay on the couch reading until Alex got off work after which we ran/walked the mile and a half up to five points for some ice cream. She’s trying to get back into running, and I needed the extra motivation!

Dinner tonight was pretty good too. I’m reading up on everyone’s blogs from over the weekend (its a process, you know!) and came across Angela’s Protein Power Bowl recipe


This one require a few more substitutions since we didn’t have everything on hand. Hubs sauteed a zucchini, summer squash, frozen okra, one small onion, and some canned mixed vegetables in some evoo and I cooked 1 1/3 cup quinoa in 2 2/3 cup water. After the quinoa was cooked I mixed in some Trader Joes sesame ginger dressing (because it the lid is broken so I figured we should use it up) and served the veggies on top with a handful of cashews.

(confession: I always forget to rinse quinoa before cooking it. I’ve never rinsed it, it just never occurs to me and we don’t have a fine enough strainer anyway. Maybe the next bag we buy of it I will)


Yum yum yummy! I went light with the dressing and Hubs added more to his, but I honestly was happy with out being able to taste it! Next time I’ll just leave it as an option for him.

I loooooooove zucchini, summer squash, and okra. This dish made me very happy!

And as a side note, these things are much to accessible:


I won the ‘guess how many jelly beans in the water bottle’ game on Easter (guessed: 337, actual: 296). Hubs decided he was going to use the water bottle so pour the jelly beans in a coffee mug where they call to you anytime you walk through the kitchen. They’re nearly gone too. That means I’ve eaten over 100 jelly beans this week. That seems like a lot!


Whether or not I’ve mentioned it on the blog, I’ve been lacking all inspiration to run since the second half marathon. I completely blame the weather too, 80 degree weather in April is not appreciated, it’s supposed to still be in the 70s! But today I read Andrea’s blog post about starting Hal Higdon’s spring training plan and found my inspiration!

His spring training plans are meant to fill the 12 weeks between Chicago’s LaSalle Bank Shamrock Shuffle and the start of his 18 week training plan for the Chicago LaSalle Bank marathon. No real goal in mind other than improving your running fitness. Sounds perfect to me!

I’ve decided to try the intermediate level plan which might be a tad ambitious after having taken a full month off of running. It has a person running 6 days a week which is way more than I’ve ever done, so I may drop a few days off the plan, but I started strong today with a three mile run (in 31 minutes) followed by level one of the 30 Day Shred for the strength component of the day. My arms are le tired (link not for the delicate of ear) and I’m pleasantly drowsy after such a hot workout and filling dinner. I’m not sure I’ll even bother staying awake to read for a bit!

Goodnight y’all!



  1. those couscous look DELISH!!! I’m so glad you posted the link to hal higdon on here! I LOVE him, I’ve used him for both halves I’ve run and am using him for my third half in a week or so. I’m running Chicago marathon in the fall I’d love to do his in-between plan! 🙂
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Free the leash kids! =-.

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