A meal well done…

Literally! Yeesh!

I’ve seen a lot of tortilla pizzas the last few days around the blogosphere. I’m not going to name names because I’m too ashamed of my replication… Somehow “place under broiler until edges brown” was in my mind. It’s not recommended that you do the same.

Anyway, my favorite lunch combination all of last week, either in sandwich or wrap form was turned into an amazing pizza tonight. Even a little charred it was awesome!

You start with a base of red pepper hummus:


Normally I like to add a layer of spinach and mushrooms next, but we’re out of both (mostly to keep the break from getting to soggy from the olive oil)

Next I spread/sprinkled/plopped on a bit of this:


the last few artichoke hearts, grilled vegetable crustini spread, and capers

and then added a dash of these:


or rather, a dash of the second two but a dump of the first. Love that stuff.

To have an end product of this:


Nevermind the slight charring…


I swear it tasted amazing anyway. I completely forgot nutritional yeast… That would have upped the incredible, but I’m pretty satisifed as is.

Instead of sacrifising the whole thing I just tore off the inch an a half or so of charred edge. I half considered making another after eating my first, but the downstairs is still pretty smokey… I think I’ll try again another night.

So lesson learned kiddies, don’t broil a tortilla and allow yourself to get distracted by cutting strawberries for tomorrow’s smoothie!


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