We made it!

Happy one year anniversary to See Cat Run! I almost forgot, how silly of me 🙂

Today I decided to count calories to see where I stand. I typically feel like I don’t eat enough and today I proved myself right. I’m not left hungry or anything but it occurred to me a few days ago that I never really increased how much I ate as I went from not running, to running a 5k, to running half marathons.

Breakfast was banana oats in a peanut butter jar:


I accidentally used too much cinnamon and had to estimate on the measurements of oats and water, so these really weren’t very good and I didn’t finish them. Lets call this about 350 calories.

Snack was my usual Post Shredded wheat’n’bran, mixed pecans, walnuts, and almonds (all in a 1/2 cup tupperware) with a jonagold apple on the side. I’ve been craving apples like woah lately. What’s up with that? (estimated 230 calories)


I completely forgot to take a picture of my lunch (got distracted my a coworker) but I’ve been eating my spinach salads with about a tbps of Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing and several pinches of nutritional yeast (whenever I eat past the above layer), and forkfuls of Private Selection (Kroger brand) roasted red pepper hummus, with about a serving and a half of Triscuits on the side (with more hummus). I never understood how bloggers could use just hummus on salads but now I completely do. This stuff makes my lunch! (about 373 calories total)

My coworker brought in York peppermint patties this afternoon, an office favorite! A bag doesn’t last more than a day or two and we’re a fairly small office.

I also had some Santitas chips while waiting on the rice to boil…


Love tortilla chips. Wish we could keep them out of the house because it’s very hard to keep my hand out of the bag. Even so I think I only had about one serving today. (York + chips, about 280 calories)

Dinner was another TJ’s purchase. I cooked up some frozen shrimp and veggies (green beans, broccoli, onions, and mushrooms) and then added some TJ’s Thai Curry Sauce


All served atop a bed of brown rice.


The sauce was pretty good, but I wish it were a little bit thicker. I enjoyed it!

With a glass of tempranillo wine, dinner comes out to about 705 calories. All told I’m about 150 behind the number of calories The Daily Plate thinks I should consume, and this is a rest day! Imagine if I’d had a 10 mile run today, I’d be 900 calories in the hole!

Maybe this is just an excuse to have a cookie… 🙂

Overall, my calories are well distributed though. I got 26.5% of my calories from fat, 56.5% from carbohydrates, and 16.8% from protein, all within healthy ranges (20-35%, 45-65%, and 10-35% respectively).

Something that surprised my a little is that I’m getting over 100% of the RDA of iron. I got about 88.6% from food and another 50% from my daily multivitamin, yet when I had labs run two weeks ago I’m below the healthy range and my doc wants me to start taking a supplement.

I think there could be two reasons for this. One is that the blood was drawn the Friday of spring break when we had been out of town the weekend before and I was off work all week and my eating was anything but typical (fast food, woohoo!). The other is that I’m probably not taking in much vitamin C so while I’m consuming plenty of iron, it’s all from plant sources and so my body has trouble absorbing it. I really need to start buying strawberries or red bell peppers to add to my salads, I consume most of my iron at lunch!

My LDL cholesterol was also a little high, I think from the fast food, so I’m tempted to hold off on the supplement, start taking in more vitamin C, and on the next furlough day (my next day off) go back to the doctor and get retested after a ‘normal’ week. That day is another month out so I may not even remember to buy the supplement before then 🙂 Besides, who wants side effects like constipation? Not I. I’d rather try to supplement naturally.

Alright, I’ve talked myself into waiting for a re-test. 🙂


All in all, food has become so equated to money in my mind that I find it hard to justify eating more, because I feel like ‘we can’t afford it’ which shouldn’t be true. The issues is that I would rather eat whole foods: fruit, vegetables, etc, as opposed to something super cheap and affordable such as ramen noodles that have absolutely no nutritional value. It’s something I’ll have to put more effort into in the coming weeks. I know there must be cheap but nutritious snacks out there, I probably just need to go back to making them myself!

I think I’m going to take it easier tonight and head to bed on time (instead of late), so I’m going to skip doing more reading for biology and go massage my legs with my foam roller and then have a cookie, some bedtime tea, and read my fun book for a bit! Goodnight!



  1. Hey, I love your blog! It’s so refreshing to see that other people consume more than 200 calories at each snack/meal! One thing about the iron – sometimes our bodies just don’t absorb all the iron that we are taking in. Try taking your supplements with a glass of OJ. It’s easier for our bodies to absorb iron with calcium. Also, some women can be a bit lower in iron during that ‘time of the month’ 🙂

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