Mid-week catch up

I didn’t get to blog yesterday because I had a powerpoint to put together for my lab’s presentation tonight, so we’re going to back track a little.

This week I’m basically repeating the last week of my half marathon training plan (except sunday when I did 7 instead of the 10 on the sheet) so yesterday I did an easy 2 mile run in my new hat! I’ve been wanting a hat of some sort for sun protection since last summer and I spotted this at The Academy (sports store where I bought my shoes) for $9.88. Sold.

Photo on 2010-03-16 at 17.15

(Like my race wall? Looks kinda dinky at the moment, but I’ll have more stuff added Sunday evening! And yes, we have a scorpion on the wall. It’s the Hubs from his trip to Malaysia when his dad remarried. I clearly sit with my back to it and don’t have to look at it.)

I’ve also set a few goals for myself this week. I will do 20-30 minutes of yoga a day either immediately following a run to stretch or immediately before bed. There’s a good chance it will be the same three flows because they are all focused on gentle stretching, particularly in the hip area, right where I need it (I swear to god, pigeon and cow face are my heaven and hell, respectively.

I have also rearranged my mornings a little bit. Before the break I would roll out of bed, pee, and layer up to walk the dogs while the space heater warms the bathroom for my shower. This week my alarm is going off, I pee and turn on the bathroom space heater, and my goal is to do 15 bicycle crunches (per side) and 15 girlie pushups before hitting the shower. I know this isn’t much, but my arms and abs need work and we’re starting with baby steps. Each week I’ll either add 5 more reps or do a different type of crunch and change the placement of my hands in the pushup (to work slightly different muscles). As the habit builds I may add even more to it. So far so good on this one, and somehow with my morning rearranged (maybe because I’m not getting dressed twice?) I’ve had a good 20 extra minutes each morning this week. Yay!


Yesterday’s dinner is blog worthy because I tried something new! Or rather, tried cooking something new. I tried quinoa when Hubs and I got lunch at Earthfare’s salad/hot bar a month or so ago and yesterday was my first try at cooking it myself. Thankfully I’d starred a few recipes in google reader just for such an occasion and a quick search pulled up Mama Pea’s Spanish quinoa, which I had almost all of the ingredients for, or close enough anyway.

First you pour some wine (this was my addition)


I used 1/2 cup dry quinoa, a generous dose of chopped red onions which have been in the fridge since the weekend, 1 c. water instead of vegetable broth, 1/4 c. Earthfare marinara instead of tomato sauce, and used Mrs Dash, basil, salt and pepper to make it more of an Italian dish to serve over some pasta and veggies that were on their last leg (can’t even remember what all it was). It was awesome! The seasonings needed a little work, and I definitely would have preferred veggie broth but don’t have any on hand. And Hubs finished off the pot! I think we’ve found him his vegetarian protein source 🙂 Now I just need to try all the curried versions out there, yummmmm…


This week I’ve been eating the low sugar, brown sugar instant oats we bought for the trip because I can’t bring myself to dirty a pot for stove top oats. This morning I had the brilliant idea of adding a container of Mott’s natural style apple sauce (I’ve been craving apples for weeks now and we’re out again) and cinnamon, along with my oatmeal. No picture, but it was really good! I’ve got another applesauce container, we’ll see when I cave and use it.

Tonight’s dinner is a large portion of the chili I made a few weeks ago that I pulled out of the freezer and thawed. Served with McCormick cajun seasoning (because I didn’t add salt while cooking I don’t mind that this has sodium in it, it was a good pick!), whole wheat goldfish (uh oh, another bag open, we’ll see if it can last through 24 hours), and the Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat you see in the back there. The stressful part of my week is over (until this weekend when I’ll start stressing about the race) so I thought I’d have a beer to celebrate.


I’ve unfortunately been eating at my desk a lot lately, usually reading blogs, because we lack a dining room table. There’s a little shelf underneath at the back that Ollie has found he can climb up on and get my attention to ask for some lap time. So this is what I have to contend with anytime I eat:



A word about the race… I’m fairly certain its not going to be a PR for me, and I’m okay with that. I just feel the need to announce it here so that I don’t feel like people will look down on me for it (something I’m always super sensitive about, I can’t actually think of a person that would do such a thing). On the two runs I’ve done since Disney my legs have been very tired and still a bit tight; I’ll be facing hills, which Florida allows you to avoid; Sarah wants to start out a tad fast for me so I’ll probably tire very quickly in the second half; and they’re calling for rain, which I’ve managed to avoid (super worried about blisters from wet feet and really don’t want to soak my new shoes!). All of this I am fine with. I proved that I can do it with Disney, this is just for fun. A race with a friend through a lot of my old stomping grounds.


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