New shoes, new race!

Jeez, I’m such a bad blogger 😀 I honestly don’t even know where this week has gone. I had a doctor’s appointment and went back for labs to be run (my cholesterol tends to run high and checking my iron levels), we applied for an apartment (and were accepted)… yesterday we saw Alice in Wonderland and hung out with the gang (who were all in town for break). Other than that I’ve just sort of slept a lot and now I’m way behind in my reading for my test Tuesday.

I decided that as a treat for the break I’d have yogurt this week (the fact that Chobani was on sale 10 for $10 definitely helped). This pomegranate was great! I didn’t like the blueberry as much and I have a strawberry still waiting to be eaten.


Friday night I was twiddling around on a certain somewhat local race’s website (more on that momentarily) and decided it was time to buy new shoes. One of my feet hurt so bad after last weekend’s race that I was worried about a stress fracture (but rest and ice cured it). And then I noticed yesterday while calling around to various sport and shoe stores that I actually managed to rub a hole in the webbing of one of my 2140s (where my pinky toe would be). The tread has been gone for months as is. It was time.


So I upgraded a model.



I had planned on taking my time getting new shoes and getting fitted again, but I’m on kind of a strict timeline this time. Since no one had my current model I just bought one newer since I know it works for me.

And its official… as of about 20 minutes ago I’m running the ING Atlanta half marathon!

The reason for the rush on shoes is that the race is next weekend… I’ll stay at my parents’ Saturday night (and hopefully see my favorite aunt before she flies back to Texas!), take MARTA (Atlanta’s mass transit) to the race, meet up with my running buddy Sarah, and win myself another medal! Sarah’s running the full marathon so we’ll only have about 7 miles together, but she’s agreed to stick with me and my slow pace for those seven. It’s after that the scenery will get interesting for me anyway. I get to run by my middle school and high school, and through my dad’s (and several high school friends’) college campus, Georgia Tech! I’m pretty excited.

And also a little worried. I went out today to try for 8 miles and my legs were tight and because of the time change (I forgot about it) I didn’t get to eat as early as I usually do so I had to stop a lot due to side stitches. Sarah was great, very patient, but I couldn’t even reach an 11:00 mile. Sarah wants to start out at 10:30 miles next week which would normally be easy, but today’s run is messing with my head a bit. Plus there are hills. There weren’t any hills at Disney (sorry y’all, on-ramps don’t count). So this race is going to be harder. But I’m still psyched! I’m planning to do 20 minutes or so of yoga every night before bed this week to get these hips and quads back open.

And now its time for fro yo and another few minutes of studying before yoga!



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