Blue Monday

Let’s not forget about Monday! Hubs and I got up not quite as early as we would have liked (which worked out fine since we kind of ran our of stuff to do at Universal in the time we had) and after finding that the hotel wanted you to pay for their continental breakfast we pulled out our groceries and made our own. Really all that the hotel could have added to ours was some cream cheese.


I had coffee (these coffee singles really are pretty good), an apple, a banana, and low sugar maple instant oats.


We stopped by Publix to grab me a bandaid since my Chacos had given me a nice blister Sunday afternoon and then headed to another $14 parking fee. We were cutting it too close for the 11:00 Blue Brothers show so we headed to Islands of Adventure instead. I immediately got dragged on this:


The Hulk. I tend to get kind of motion sick on coasters so I was not a happy camper during our 30 minute wait, but since its more twisty-turny instead of lots of drops it really wasn’t that bad. Which is not to say that I agreed to do it again, but I walked off just feeling shaky instead of nauseous.

We wandered and got lunch and then checked out a water ride. Since that got us soaked we figured we’d ride a second.


And after this we walked over to Jurassic Park and rode the third. Sunlight has never felt so good, my friends.

We spent a good 10 minutes at the fencing around the new Harry Potter section so that I could obsessively get tons of pictures.





There will be a new coaster going up there too. We’re totally going back with my in-laws when it opens 🙂

After realizing that we’d done the interesting things at Islands of Adventure we headed back to U. Studios and saw the 3:30 Blues Brothers show. Fun fun! Both actors were great, though Jake was more similar in looks than Elwood. They even had the tattoos (written in pen) on their knuckles.


After another ride on the Mummy we walked past all of the Blue Man Group stuff and Hubs stopped to ask how much tickets for that night were. As we were about to walk away (can’t afford $85) the salesman asked if we were college students. We got tickets for $30!!!

Since we had a few hours to kill we decided to be tourists and eat at the world’s largest Hard Rock. Since it was probably 5:30 or so we were seated right away. We ordered drinks (long island iced tea for me, margarita for Hubs) and ultimately decided that they were way to weak for the price. I ordered the California burger with ranch and guacamole and we hung out and played with the giant touch screen while we waited. It’s pretty freakin’ cool, up to five panels (I think) and you can stretch or minimize items, search for others, and even ‘throw’ things into other people’s views. And all of it was Hard Rock memorabilia from all of their locations: letters, clothing, guitars… Pretty snazzy. Not really worth the price though, which we knew going in.


And Blue Man Group was amazing. What did you expect me to say? 🙂




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