Sunday run-day

So when that pesky ol’ alarm started going off at 2:30 Sunday morning I strongly considered sleeping till 3, like the husband. But I got up and started chugging tepid coffee, smeared some peanut butter on a whole wheat bagel and ate a banana.


Hubs and I headed to the hotel lobby to try to meet up with Kate and hop a shuttle to the race. Well we found this when we got there and opted to meet Kate at the race start instead.


Both worried and excited:

IMG_2730 IMG_2731

Lots of cold runners. Lots of porta potties. But we got fireworks!

IMG_2737 P1010002

I started out the run with Andrea but she trained with the Galloway method and we separated after the first three miles or so.

Pirates and sunrise!


Got excited to find an NMA shirt wearing Vibram Five Fingers 🙂




Running through the castle…


Unfortunately after the castle we ended up on mostly back roads and highways. Seriously, who thought it would be appreciated to start in on the boring scenery, no spectators, and no characters/djs around mile 7ish, when it starts to get hard? Not appreciated. I did find MizFit again though 🙂

Almost there!


And I did it! I walked six of eight water stops (took poweraid at those six) and stopped to walk and eat half a Clif Shotblock gel they were handing out around mile 8.5. I finished in 2:23:34, which I’m very happy with. I told myself ahead of time I could walk the water stops and I definitely wanted to take a walk break after mile 9 but pushed through to the next water stop. I knew how much I’d regret it if I let myself be lazy. I had no idea what kind of time to expect but figured it would take about 2.5 hours.

Overall it was more a test of will than of fitness. I started out nice and slow (haven’t actually uploaded my Garmin stats yet) and it was more of a fight to convince myself not to take extra breaks than it was to keep my legs moving. Totally a mental game. And I really wasn’t very sore the day after either.


Unfortunately Hus didn’t get to see me at all. I thought I saw him at the first spectator station (about mile 1.2) but didn’t know where he would have gotten the hat he was wearing so told myself it wasn’t him (I was on the other side of the pack anyway, and it turns out he bought it). He said he got the first two progress texts at 8:30 and then the final one when I finished. I was pretty disappointed not to see him, but so many of the spectator stations had the runners looking into the sun to try to find family members that it didn’t much matter. He was at least at the family reunion area when I got there! And he bought me a present:


Which I totally wore the rest of the day.

After a brief stretch, a cold water rinse (to try to forestall inflammation), hot shower, and half hour nap, we headed to IHOP for a post race brunch. I got a pancake combo with eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and two buttermilk pancakes. Greasy diner food will always be my treat meal.



Afterward we headed across the highway to Universal! We explored Universal Studios and had ourselves a blast.


We checked into our hotel for the night and I spotted a grill and pub across the parking lot so we headed across to Kool Katz restaurant. I have to admit I was expecting a bit of a biker bar from the outside but the inside was more like any Chilis or Applebees type restaurant around.


Beer has never tasted so good as after a 13 mile run followed by an afternoon of sun.


Their pulled pork sandwich leaped off the menu at me. I was still in celebration mode and it seriously hit the spot.


We sat and watched the Academy Awards for a bit (not that we could hear them) and went back to our room and crashed hard. I think I’m still catching up on sleep. It’s 9:00 and I’m ready to pass out. I promise to write about Monday tomorrow! Goodnight.



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