My bags are packed…

Or perhaps I should say “how to travel on a budget.” Or “when broke.” Hubs and I are taking quite a bit of food with us to minimize money spent on food out. Instant oat (maple brown sugar, low sugar), coffee singles, dried plums, dried apricots, apple sauce (mine natural, his with cinnamon and sugar), cereal, mixed nuts, chocolate chips (trail mix!), bars, bagels, my pills (last few doses of antibiotics, fish oil, calcium, multi), and some Yogi bedtime tea, just in case. Yes, and a bar of chocolate and some TJ’s nutty bits. We’re also taking a jar of peanut butter (for me), bananas (for me), apples (for both), and cokes (for him).


Clothes! I should probably toss in some undies before I forget 😀


Electronics (two cameras with accompanying chargers and USB cables, ipod/headphones, Garmin, tripod, will add computer tomorrow), sunscreen, shoes, race waiver, hotel reservation info. Other toiletries to be packed tomorrow after they’re used. The boots on the right are taller and slouchy, but since they’re slick on the inside I fold them over to wear under jeans and up when I wear them with a skirt or over jeans. Ollie thinks he needs to come.


And I worked on my race playlist! I’m sure I’ll continue to play with the order as the weekend goes on. I’d have more fun stuff on here, but iTunes raised their prices at some point, so I’m having to limit my purchases. These songs generally want to make me get up and dance and/or sing along. All I ask is that they keep my energy up!

Screen shot 2010-03-04 at 10.42.12 PM

I had my last run today before the race! It went very quickly, again! I don’t know what is up with that! More worrying is the fact that I tried to slow down at the end and just couldn’t seem to. Hope I don’t burn myself out!! I was supposed to do an easier tempo run of 5 miles, two for warm up/cool down and the middle three at 10:55/mi.

  • Mile 1: 10:34
  • mile 2: 10:19
  • mile 3: 9:41
  • mile 4: 9:42
  • mile 5: 10:14

I have no idea what our wifi situation is going to be like on the road, but I’ll make sure to post sometime on Sunday! It’s way past my bedtime… goodnight!


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