Last long run!

It hasn’t hit me yet that in 6 days I’ll be running a half marathon. I’ll be in Disney world. I’ll be on spring break. I’ll have met almost all of my favorite bloggers in person. Next weekend is going to be huge. And I don’t want it to hit me yet, because I don’t want to get nervous. Going back to not thinking about it now…

I am telling myself that I’m going to eat a bit cleaner this week in order to be in top form for the race and to finally kick the remnants of this cold to the curb. Hubs and I have gotten into a really bad habit of just running over to the east side of town after picking the other up from campus and grabbing dinner. Well he’s decided to go vegetarian again so that eliminiates the possibility of fast food for dinner. Works for me just fine. Unfortunately he has my car today, so I haven’t been able to go to the grocery store, but we have the ingredients for a shrimp and veggie stir-fry and I have the ingredients for chili, which I’ve been meaning to make for a good month now, so we’ll make it through.

I’ve gotten to eat something slightly new the last two mornings for breakfast. When I visited my parents about three weeks ago my mom gave me a cup of steel cut oats to try. Since then I’ve either had brunch plans or haven’t had a clean pot to my name so haven’t succeeded in making them. Well this weekend we had no plans and I had clean pots, so cook they did.

I started out toasting them in butter for about two minutes, as the great Alton Brown recommends. I then poured four cups of boiling water over them and let them simmer for about half an hour (it ended up being a little over half an hour because I lost the simmer and had to wait to get the consistency right). About 10 minutes before they were supposed to be done I added a whole banana and stirred and stirred. I finished them with vanilla extract, brown sugar, and cinnamon. And then because I was a little intimidated I added some cinnamon Life cereal and peanut butter on top. (To be honest, I was having trouble keeping my hand out of the Life box that morning).

0227101012-00 (forgive the crappy phone photo, I was having a minor freakout that my camera wouldn’t turn on. it’s all better now)

So how are they? Good! I think I like the texture better than regular old fashioned oats. My mom makes a big batch in her crock pot for the week, but I’m not sure I’m willing to fill our dishwasher that often to do the same. We’re bad enough at keeping the sink empty of dishes as it is. I might buy a canister of steel cut oats and save them for a weekend treat though.

So that was yesterday’s photo but I had the exact same thing (just more) today. I have one portion left and hopefully I can get it to be a little less gelled when I heat it up tomorrow, because I didn’t really like it as well today.

After breakfast settled my buddy Sarah picked me up for our weekly long run. We’re both sick, she was aiming for 22 and I was aiming for 11. Well I ended up running out of pavement so I quit at 10.5 and don’t feel too bad about it since I only had 10 on my training plan anyway. This run felt really good! Two great runs in a row, I hope I can keep this up for another week!

  • Mile 1: 11:36
  • mile 2: 11:17
  • mile 3: 11:14
  • mile 4: 11:41
  • mile 5: 10:55
  • mile 6: 11:14
  • mile 7: 10:36
  • mile 8: 10:11
  • mile 9: 9:57 (!!)
  • mile 10: 10:05 (!)
  • mile 10-10.5: 5:13

May I remind you that my goal pace for the race next weekend is a 10:44, so to be able to pull off that kind of pace now… well… I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I will have a whole 2.5 miles of unconquered territory to run. Around mile 7.5 we stopped by the nice house that puts out water for Sunday runners. They had mini Clif and Lara bars out today! I grabbed a Lara bar to save for later, but I think the water definitely helped, considering how our pace increased.

I came home, got in a good stretch (I was hurting a bit) and then made myself a green monster. It ended up being a double! I don’t have much around, but I used a banana, a few handfuls of spinach, a scoop of whey protein powder, water, and ice. I think I used too much water, actually. It tasted very watered down. Oh well.


I took a shower, took a nap, finally put away my clean clothes from last weekend and now am washing more, and decided on an early dinner. I had a Gardenburger California burger (the last of my stash, I’m kind of sick of them anyway), a piece of whole wheat lavash bread that Hubs grabbed at Earthfare on Friday (x2), and my last boxed Trader Joes Indian side.



The Pav Bhaji was like thick, chunky, very spicy tomato soup. I loved it, except I had to constantly chase tiny bites with either bread or water (thus the two servings of bread). Cleared out my sinuses though!

We’re still having a handful of issues with housebreaking (in that if we aren’t downstairs to see him waiting by the door, he goes inside) and instead of doing my homework reading for Tuesday, I’m going to relax with my book and these goodies instead:


A glass of my favorite wine (Archer Farm’s Vintner’s blend wine cube) and a piece or two of dark chocolate. Let the detox begin tomorrow 🙂


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