Sickly start

What better way to start out a rainy Monday on which you have your first cold in 10 months than with OIAWCWJ? (That’s Oats In A White Chocolate Wonderful Jar for non healthy living bloggers)


Seriously, awesome. I started getting a sore throat on Friday and managed to fight everything else all weekend but yesterday I forced my body to choose between my first double digit run and staying healthy. Silly me for thinking I could have both. (My plan only called for 9 but I’m so behind on weekly totals that I figured I’d do 10 yesterday and 11 next week). I started out the run with tired legs, but they soon perked up. Sarah and I stopped to buy water (it was warm!) and use a bathroom around mile 6.5 and made another water stop (nice neighbors leave a water cooler and cups in their yard!) around 7.5. It got hard around 8.5 but I finished! Gives me great hope for the race (in 12 days!)

  • Mile 1: 11:45 min
  • mile 2: 11:32
  • mile 3: 11:25
  • mile 4: 11:36
  • mile 5: 11:37
  • mile 6: 11:28
  • mile 7: 11:17
  • mile 8: 11:20
  • mile 9: 10:46
  • mile 10: 10:35

We took two other walk breaks when I got side stitches. Those last two miles were definitely a ‘get me the f- home’ on my part.

So this morning I woke up congested which has just gotten worse as the day goes on. But I had the very last of my WCW and a nice, interesting, tasty salad for lunch. This was actually last night’s dinner too, but the sauteed veggies (asparagus, shallot and red pepper) tasted so much better today. Served on mixed baby greens with goat cheese. So delicious.


Dinner ended up being ginger salad, miso soup, grilled veggies, shrimps and scallops and white rice. Yummy! Definitely worth every penny and I have two more meals worth of leftovers. (No pictures because we were with friends who I haven’t actually talked about the blog with.

And now I”m going to continue my slothfulness (read: no homework), curl up on the couch with a good book, and wait for the nyquil to kick in. Goodnight!


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