Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you’ve had a lovely Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day, whichever the case may be.

My day started out with an egg sandwich:


I’ve had a lot of these this week. Just look at the color of those eggs! These aren’t just any eggs, they’re Eggland’s Best eggs! Trust me, these are the eggs I wish I could afford to buy all the time. The color is so much better (must be that grass) and I’m all about keeping the laying hens comfy, beak and all. Anyway, most mornings this week these kept me full long past snack time but I ate one today at about 9:30 and I was hungry by mile 2 of my run (started at 11:45 or so). Very frustrating and discouraging.

It was a hard run, even with my friend Sarah. There were several walk breaks. I was really dragging and she was happy to walk, having hurt her knee on Thursday. But I ran a total of nine miles!

  • Mile 1: 11:48
  • mile 2: 11:42
  • mile 3: 11:50
  • mile 4: 11:20
  • mile 5: 11:57
  • mile 6: 11:59
  • mile 7: 11:44
  • mile 8: 11:26
  • mile 9: 11:20

I honestly didn’t keep track of the walk breaks but there were five or so and I say they were a block or so each. In my defense, most of the run was on an uphill grade. We climbed a total of 800 ft on that route. Hills!! Bah. Can’t get away from them in this town.

After stopping back by my apartment so she could borrow one of my dresses to wear to dinner tonight, she and I went to Your Pie for lunch! We invited Hubs, but he doesn’t really like it. After running nine miles, I was perfectly happy to eat the whole 10 inch pizza. No photo because she doesn’t know about the blog (I don’t think) and I honestly didn’t even take my phone with me. I had their whole wheat crust, marinara, mozzerella, baby ‘bellas, red onion, and basil. I honestly doubt that I really even consumed that many more calories than what I burned. No guilt fast food, love it!

We then went our separate ways and I took a nap, then rolled around on the floor with my foam roller. My hips were definitely feeling that run.

After a shower and catching up with blogs (so weird to be totally caught up) Hubs and I went to Mama’s Boy for dinner. Last year they had a special menu laid out for Valentine’s day with muscles and rose flavored cupcakes. This year I was very disappointed to find that it wasn’t the same. They had two special entrees but otherwise we were given their regular menu to order from.

We started out with a glass of merlot each, though they keep their wine bottles on top of their beverage cooler, so it was a little on the warm side. I did end up ordering one of the specials, almond crusted grouper with sweet potatoes and yu choy. I ended up subbing okra for the yu choy and was a little disappointed. Next to the seasoning on the fish and the potatoes, the okra was very bland. (sorry about the dark photos!)


Hubs originally ordered the meat loaf, but they were out, so he settled for the shrimp and grits and was very happy that he did so.


With no special desserts to choose from we opted for the molten chocolate cake (with vanilla ice cream). It wasn’t exactly molten, but was nice and moist. Very tasty.


This is the first time I’ve been disappointed with Mama’s Boyo and its a very mild disappointment at that. Both of our entrees were excellent but I was looking forward to more rose cupcakes or at least chocolate covered strawberries though.

Now its way past bed time. Goodnight!



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