Too few hours in the day

I know I’ve said this fairly recently but where do my days go?!? After work I had to take pupsters to the vet for his third round of shots and then head out for a quick run. After doing the dishes, printing out our tax forms (finito!) and my bio article, plus eating dinner, getting a file format converted, I’m finally sitting down to blog/homework and its already a quarter till bedtime. Guess I’ll be up late-ish again.

Breakfast was a new experiment. I picked up some hot multi grain cereal at Trader Joes on Saturday and decided I’d test it out today.


This picture washes it out, but it looks like more colorful oatmeal (and cooks the same)!


I should have taken a picture before I added the cinnamon because it’s definitely a prettier cereal than oatmeal is, much more depth to the browns. But with the amount of cinnamon I add it looks significantly darker after mixing. Oh well! Here’s breakfast with a heaping scoop of WCW:


I bought some more nuts at the store last week so I’ve been eating a mix of raw almonds, pecans, and walnuts for my work snacks. More nutrients for me! I usually chase them with some crackers or cereal, but I didn’t take a picture of that.


Today while pondering my lunch options, knowing I had tofu and rice to take, I realized that I would be eating 100% mono-color carbs today if I didn’t change something right then. So I packed a small salad, just spinach and baby carrots. Eaten with Newman’s Own cranberry walnut vinaigrette which is a bit too vinegary for me, but I’m going to finish it before starting a new bottle.


Here’s the tofu and brown rice. I promise it tasted better than it looks, though I did forget to flip the tofu while cooking it so some pieces were pretty tough.


I seriously considered not going for my run because it was getting late and pretty misty out, but I was only scheduled for two miles, which is nothing compared to 8. And I’m less than a month away from my half marathon so I figured I should probably keep my weekly mileage up. I know what exactly one mile from my neighborhood is so I did a quick out and back and left the electronics behind. Since I walk to the main road before I start running (it makes a good warm up/cool down) I don’t actually know how long it took, but I was running faster than usual so I’d bet it was less than 22 minutes.

I forgot to pull my hair back until I was walking away from my apartment so I ran with it down, in the mist (what I think usually calls fog). As you can tell I was rather nonplussed with the results (of course I’m already not so pleased with the cut I got Friday but that’s a different issue):


I was under the impression Hubs was going to be making fried rice for dinner but when he got home from the store he said he’ll make it tomorrow. Instead we had another DiGiorno frozen pizza. Yummy! I really do like these things, we bought several of the spinach mushroom pizzas on sale a few weeks ago and are almost done with them. And yes, we always split them down the middle and polish them off in one night. What can I say? its a treat.


Alright, I have goals for homework completion and only 45 minutes to finish them!!! I’m off!



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