The blink of an eye

Where do my days go?

To work… well that’s fairly self-explanatory. I work from 7 am to 4 pm with an hour lunch break made nice and wonky by class attendance.

To a biology test… a test is a test, I’m a little disappointed that I made either an 87 or a 91 (depending on what the real answer to the wrongly coded question was) and very annoyed that my group bubbled an answer wrong on the group portion. Hopefully that won’t bring my grade down farther if I got the question itself right!

To the library health fair… The nutrition information was insanely lame (baked Lays are better than the regular Lays which contain only potato, sunflower oil, and salt?!) but they had flexibility testing (I’m down to fair, need to do yoga!), blood pressure testing (I’m excellent with a slow pulse), height/weight/bmi (I’m very pleased, my bras are right, I’ve lost weight), and body fat measuring (not sure how accurate the pulse machine is, but again, I’m happy).

To the grocery store… I was sorely missing crackers at lunch today and was lacking various other items but no more.

To dinner… Hubs made a frozen skillet meal (I have no idea what brand or anything). It seemed to be a chicken and vegetable alfredo. The package got thrown away before I could look at any nutritional stats/ingredients, but look at all that zucchini! I love zucchini.


He also is determined to make space in our freezer so cooked some tater tots. I had these… times about three. I can’t let good carbs go to waste! (Though I did have the foresight to put some of the pasta away though it was originally on my plate)


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been at this weight since before my last growth spurt ended and my legs have a lot more muscle now than then. I’m not sure I want it that low so I’m thinking I may up my portions a bit to make sure things don’t fall too low.There’s that nagging little voice in my head reminding me that bigger portions cost more money though… stupid voice. I’ll have to put some thought into this and see what I can figure out.

To bio lab homework… Nothing interesting to share except I don’t appreciate being made to feel stupid. I’m blaming it on the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night and my brain was refusing to work. I swear I would have been able to figure that out with a fulling functioning brain. Grrrr.

To trying to figure out Heidi Montag… Just WTF. Like seriously. WTF.

To getting ready for bed… I wrap this up just in time to take the pupster out again and make myself comfy. I was hoping for more time with my yoga mat or my foam roller (or both) but I need sleep. Sorry legs, but after you made me cry out in pain with your buddy f.rolly last night, I’m going to be selfish and give my brain the rest it needs now.




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