Hurts so good

My friend ran me into the ground today. Not on purpose! She was willing to go as slow as I wanted but when you run with someone its hard to keep a slow pace. It was great running with her though and worked out perfectly. She had 16 miles to do and just happened to have four to run between her place and mine so she ran here, we ran my eight (or 7.85, close enough) and she ran home.

I am seriously exhausted. Didn’t help that I got to bed late last night. So lets just say that my food today was pretty much “the usual” of oatmeal, clementines, cereal and almonds, salad, leftover pasta and tofu, and I ended up having a Clif bar before leaving work to give me extra energy. I still definitely got hungry on the run though. We ran a rather random route through neighborhoods and campus that had an unappreciated hill or two (I’ll hurt tomorrow, my hips are already screamin’).

  • Mile 1: 11:18
  • mile 2: 11:23
  • mile 3: 11:10
  • mile 4: 11:10
  • mile 5: 11:42
  • mile 6: 11:46
  • mile 7: 11:53
  • mile .85: 9:51 (11:34/mile pace, I really didn’t want to take the long way back to the apartment)

Mile goal pace was supposed to be 12:16 and there were definitely times when Garmie would chime at me to speed up, so averaging 11 some-odd mile is damn good. Especially for a new personal distance record (PDR).

Hubs brought his own dinner home and there was nothing here I particularly wanted so I ran up to Earthfare (closest grocery store, conveniently enough) and bought two Amy’s wraps (hey, its what I was craving)



They were both fabulous (for frozen meals) and totally satisfying. Lots of protein!

I’m too tired to stay up for fro-yo, or for Life Unexpected. I am going to hit up some tennis ball and foam rollar action before bed though. My feet and legs hurt! Goodnight!


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