Foody weekend

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Well I have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. It’s 7 minutes till bedtime, but I guess I’ll stay up and fill you kids in for a bit.

Oh its been a long weekend… Lets see. Hubs and I wound up at Starbucks Saturday morning because we’ve got homework and we’ve got gift cards. Do any of your know about the fabulosity of Starbucks gift cards? If you register them on s-buck’s website (and keep money on them to pay with) you get free syrups, free soy milk, free drink with a bag of coffee, and two hours of internet free a day! I lose focus well before my two hours would be up so this is so totally perfect for me! Anyway, I bought a large coffee with two pumps of white chocolate syrup and a perfect oatmeal with all the toppings. Yum! Didn’t get as much studying done as I would have liked, but that’s kind of the standard for this weekend.

I had coupons for 1/2 off the salad bar or hot bar at Earthfare so we used those for lunch. I got a base of spinach and mixed greens, two stuffed grape leaves, quinoa (finally!!! we agreed to buy  more next time I get a coupon requiring a purchase), a piece of tofu, kale salad (not nearly as good as what I had Last Resort), a cabbage salad, a bite of potato salad, and some shiitake soy dressing.


Hubs got a little bit of everything at the hot bar. Mac’n’cheese, some amazing sweet red pepper + goat cheese turkey meat loaf, jerk sweet potatoes, cabbage, steamed veggies, beans, and some fish. That meat loaf was seriously amazing. My favorite part (his was the sweet potatoes, so we didn’t have competition 🙂 ).


Last night’s dinner was rushed, I had some leftover tofu and several handfuls of Quaker oatmeal squares. Then my friend picked me up and we went to Aromas coffee and wine bar for a girl’s night! For the last year and a half we’ve been able to eat lunch together a few days a week, but not this semester. She’s moving to Chattanooga in June so we need to really make time to see each other. It was great, this is the second time we’ve gone out for a drink and end up talking for 4 hours straight completely effortlessly. She’s training for a marathon so we may start doing our long runs together, she’ll run down to my apartment and ‘pick me up’ and do whatever I need to do, then run home. Awesome!

Today we had lunch planned with Hubs’s father, step mother, brother, his girlfriend, grandmother, step-grandfather, and 3/4 of the family friends we spent Christmas night with. I had a grapefruit for breakfast and took some oatmeal squares on the road when I started getting hungry. We went to a Malaysian restaurant in Atlanta called Penang. I didn’t realize it till we got there, but I went to the restaurant several times while I was in college! A girl down my hall took me a couple of times and it was my first time every trying tofu.

My step mother in law is Malaysian so she ordered everything family style and it was fabulous. I don’t have pictures, but I can tell you (most of) what we had!

  • APPETIZERS It’s the all-times favorite Malaysian crispy Indian style pancake. Served with curry chicken potato sauce.

    ROTI CANAI It’s the all-times favorite Malaysian crispy Indian style pancake. Served with curry chicken potato sauce.

  • Marinated beef or chicken on skewers, charcoal grilled to perfection. Served with peanut sauce (Malaysian specialties). (We got both chicken and beef)
  • PENANG POPIA Steamed Malaysian spring roll stuffed with jicama. Served with peanut sauce.
  • PENANG LOBAK Deep fried minced pork wrapped with bean curd skin, shrimp pancake and fried tofu.
  • NASI LEMAK Coconut rice flavored with cloves & screwpine leaves. Served with chili anchovy curry chicken and fried egg.
  • SIZZLING JAPANESE TOFU Stir fried tofu, vegetables and Chinese mushroom.
  • Sautéed okra with spicy Malaysian shrimp paste sauce.

I also had a loban fruit juice which was really good. Loban is a fruit that I think is native to Malaysia. Yum! Everything was utterly fabulous but my favorites were the roti canai and lady finger belacan. But as I said, I loved it all.

And it put me to sleep… I slept almost all the way home and then continued to nap once here. I blame the rain. It also rained out my weekly long run, but I’m going to join Sarah tomorrow for eight miles on my part. Crazy!

Hubs and I seem to have an excess of pasta at the moment, so that would be what we had for dinner. I bought this wine cube at Target a month or so ago and it is really good! A zinfandel, merlot, cabernet sauvignon blend. Nice and sweet from the zin with a bit of depth from the heavier wines. Plus its four bottles worth of wine in a nice compact, recyclable container!


We had shells, sauteed onions, and marinara sauce. easy peasy, with some buttered Italian bread on the side (wooo, love my carbs!)


And dessert was another huge treat… Look what I found at Kroger! I’d seen this on Meghann’s blog and a few others a month or so back and knew I had to try some when I spotted it here.


This. is. amazing. A very light tartness similar to key lime ice cream with a ribbon of clover honey to surprise you with its sticky sweetness. This is going to be hoarded and hidden and I’ll be as selfish as I can be until I find more 🙂 Love love love it. And it has probiotics!!! I’m a very happy girly.


Hopefully we can avoid any more tornado warnings tonight so I can sleep tight. I hate hearing those damn tornado sirens, but its a good thing we have them I guess. Goodnight!


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