Speedy seven!

I am bone tired so this is going to be quick.

I slept an extra half hour this morning (wasn’t expecting to actually fall back asleep!) so it was oatmeal that was sacrificed. I packed up some oatmeal squares, raw nuts (walnuts, almonds and pecans) and craisins to eat at work.


But I did have time to eat one of our grapefruit before I left (barely time!). That’s an 18 lb bag folks.


My cereal and nuts held me over all morning. Lunch was a spinach salad with mushroom, green peppers and leftover tofu. It seems to have eluded the camera.

I came home and head out for seven miles of speed work.

  • Mile 0-1: (warmup) 12:17
  • Mile 1-2: (goal of 10:03) 9:59
  • Mile 2-2.5: (jog) 12:09
  • Mile 2.5-3.5: (10:03) 9:58
  • Mile 3.5-4: (jog) 11:41
  • Mile 4-5: (10:03) 9:31
  • Mile 5-6: (jog) 11:43
  • Mile 6-7: (cooldown) 11:19

I have to say I’m quite pleased. I really, really didn’t want to go. I’d been cold all day and it was cold outside. I’ve slept poorly this week so I had absolutely no energy, but I took some of Tina‘s “just do it” attitude and ended up rocking it! Once I started on the fast sections it was actually really hard to slow down to 10:00, and my usual goal pace for long and easy runs is a 12:16 these days, so I feel like I did really well. I’ve had only good runs lately (knock on wood!), maybe I’m finally getting the hang of it. I still don’t feel like a real runner though, maybe because all of the “real runner” blogs I read just completed a marathon or run 8:30/miles. I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but it just hasn’t hit me that I’m one of those people you see out running after work. Maybe because I feel so slow. If someone passes me I just tell myself that I’m going for distance, not speed. I don’t feel like a real runner yet though.

After burning over 600 calories in just over an hour I needed food! I had a Quaker chewy oatmeal bar that’s been living in my desk for a few months before leaving work, but it got burned off quickly! I had a glass of G2 as soon as I walked in the door to start on rehydrating. About half an hour later I looked in the pantry, saw a certain blue box and felt that I must have macaroni and cheese for dinner, which quickly turned into macaroni and peas (leftover from Tuesday night). It was just what I was craving and sooooooo satisfying. Probably wouldn’t be nearly as good on a random night, but tonight it was perfect.


After watching the dogs play for 20 minutes or so (and texting pet pictures back and forth with my mom) my hunger was still there, so I had some cake. I may or may not have finished this whole slice. I’ll leave that to you to decide. But hey, there are pecans, and carrots, and raisins, its not all bad!


I’m still sitting in stinky (and cold!!) workout clothes so I’m going to go shower off and hit the hay. My body hurts and wants the relief of our fabulous mattress (best wedding gift, hands down). Goodnight lovelies!


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