Highlight reel

I haven’t been a very good photographer lately but I’m taking a break from biology tonight to blog and watch Vampire Diaries! I have thirteen minutes, lets type fast.

Tuesday night I had peas and made some of Gliding Calm’s tofu. Yum! I’m so glad to finally have a decent recipe! And leftovers 🙂


Last night after bio lab I stopped at Your Pie on the way home and got myself a pizza. I wish I had gotten different toppings, I remember liking it better the first time (granted I’d had a bit much to drink). This is whole wheat crust, marinara, no cheese, spinach, broccoli, red onion, and roasted garlic. I ate half last night and half today for lunch (minus the garlic).


I actually had Starbucks’ Perfect Oatmeal for breakfast this morning but the pictures are on my phone downstairs and it wasn’t really anything special. Standard mushy quick cook oats.

Hubs decided it should be date night tonight so we went to a restaurant called Five Star Day Cafe. I had been to a different location once before but he’d never been. This one is much bigger and quite cute!


The restaurant is empty because we are an old couple and eat dinner at 5:30 pm.


I got the Garden of Eatin’ platter (veggie plate) with a side salad (with poppyseed dressing, yum!), black eyed peas, and fried okra. Everything was excellent! I also had bites of Hubs’ mashed potatoes (super delish) and collard greens. He said his chicken was just average but that the veggies were excellent.


It was rainy and cold today so I pushed my speed work back to tomorrow (again). Time for dessert and vampires!!


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