New lab

So I only have one food photo for you today. My eats were kind of off, but it was actually a pretty good day (and I don’t say that often, most of my days seem to just be eh).

This morning Hubs and I took advantage of Chickfila’s free breakfast promotion and snagged a three pack of chicken minis each. I don’t like the sweet stuff (butter?) they brush on top. Hubs also ordered me  a large coffee which surprisingly didn’t make me all jittery like it has other days lately. In fact I was much much more productive this morning at work, though that is probably more because of the reserve lists I worked on than the coffee. Unfortunately I completely crashed sometime between 1:30 and 2. Motivation gone, energy gone, excitement about my new organizational system gone… Not good.

Since I knew we were going out to breakfast I made my lunch while waiting on Ollie to eat (he takes awhile) and put it back in the fridge because it was still early. Well of course I forgot it so I bought a pimento cheese sandwich at the snackbar in the library. Nowhere near the best pimento cheese I’ve had, but it held me over quite well. I never actually got particularly hungry today strangely enough. I had my almonds/cereal and a tangerine for my morning snack and managed to last until dinner at 7:00 just on the sandwich at lunch.

Tonight was my first biology lab and it was really lame. A lot of talk about what scientific inquiry and inquiry based learning mean followed by a really easy make-a-graph activity. I was really hoping to get out early but it lasted nearly the whole two hours.

Hubs decided that he needed to cook his ground beef so opted for tacos and so I chose to put off the stirfry till later. I had a more complex version of last night’s dinner.


  • brown rice
  • black beans
  • taco cheese (which includes taco seasoning which I can’t taste)
  • green pepper
  • onion
  • salsa

Followed by chip crumbs and salsa for dessert. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll take carbs over a sweet dessert any day!

And just so that this post isn’t completely pictureless here’s my new running outfit I got last Monday:


The top is closer to purple in real light and new running tights. Not a great picture (we need to teach the Hubs about some photography!) but it’ll do. I love the top and treat it more as a jacket than a shirt. I love Target athletic-wear!!!

I meant to start Caitlin’s weight lifting challenge today, but I think Wednesdays are going to be rest days. Looks like there won’t be any time between work/lab/dinner/blog/chill/bed for workouts!

And it’s already 8:00 again… I guess a 4:40-6:35 lab will do that to you. Time to go read for a bit!


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