Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve started with another egg-spinach-mushroom-onion-goat cheese scramble and rolls.


After breakfast I soon got to work on Christmas presents. I made my mom wedding cookies:


Broke for lunch of a salad made by Hubs: iceberg lettuce, croutons, craisins, and all the veggies already included in breakfast.


My youngest brother got a chocolate chip cookie pie


I attempted to go out for the scheduled speedwork that afternoon, but took the first mile too fast and couldn’t make it all the way through. I was pretty frustrated but what can you do.

The middle child got fudge:


And Hubs and I ended our night with Applebees and more Lord of the Rings. The other restaurant we had planned to go to was closing too early for us to make dinner so we went to Applebees for the third year in a row. I got the grilled shrimp-spinach salad without bacon and did take a picture but it came out too blurry.

Christmas morning I got up with the puppy and made my dad’s banana bread. It took an hour to bake which was perfect for me to shower and get ready.


After the bread came out of the oven a Sarah Lee coffee cake went in. I’ve had this for Christmas breakfast as long as I can remember. I’m sure they’re horrible for you but oh so tasty. Hubs and I definitely polished the whole thing off between the two of us.


Christmas dinner at my parents house was great. Roast beef (I had half that piece and gave the rest to Hubs), spinach gratin (which I loved), carrots, and mashed potatoes. And rolls and red wine of course.


Dessert was a mocha cheesecake with chocolate coffee drizzled on top. Exquisite. Hubs helped me eat this slice.



Can you tell I bought a tripod the other day? Boy what a difference it makes.

Christmas supper was with Hubs’ dad, step mother and brother and a family that we’ve both known since we were babies, though haven’t spent time together with at the same time since. We might have been playmates when we were two and not even know it! I didn’t want to explain about the blog so I didn’t take pictures, but I kept it healthy and stuck mostly with vegetables and fruit.


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