We're back!

Sorry about the hold up, Hubs second computer is down for the count so I haven’t had much quality time with my Macbaby. Not to mention the fact that we’ve either been busy with friends in the evenings or busy ourselves shopping or working our way through the extended Lord of the Rings movies. We’re currently halfway through. Elijah Wood still bugs me (he’s why I refused to see the movies in theaters until I had a chance to see an old friend at one) and Legolas’s lines are terrible but its still pretty fun.

I don’t even know where I left off and I think I have more puppy pictures on my camera than food pictures. We’ll do this logically: food pics in this post, Christmas eve/day summary in a second, and puppy pictures in a third.

Since I don’t know where we left off and I haven’t been very faithfully photographing my food, we’ll just go by what pictures I do have.

The same night I made stirfry we also made mulled wine, but I appear to have left that picture out. Served in our water pitcher and filtered as poured.


I made this veggie scramble a couple of times in the last few days. Some eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions and rolls on the side


I also had this breakfast a couple of times: two egg microwaved scramble on toast and a clementine. I love ketchup.


And my little boy wanted some peas!


At Walmart we found some Bird’s Eye dinners on sale. This is a shrimp, chicken and Mexican rice combination that you just toss in the microwave still in the bag. It was okay. Nothing I’d seek out again.


More wine, of course.


Kroger sushi! Brown rice California rolls


Skipping over Christmas eve and day brings us to Belgian waffles from this morning, made using Krusteaz (nice name, huh?) mix.


Lunch was Panera! I haven’t been to Panera in years. We had Lipton raspberry iced tea and I got 1/2 a bowl of black bean soup and half a chipotle chicken sandwich. I saved the chips for later this afternoon after a tiny amount of shopping. I got new slippers for $5 at Old Navy.


Dinner was another tasty salad put together by the Hubs. The last of some iceberg lettuce, spinach, onion, mushrooms, goat cheese, craisins, croutons, and Ken’s lite balsamic dressing.


Our entree was spaghetti with popcorn shrimp. Both good separately so not bad together. A lazy man’s dinner I’d say.


We’re going to see Avatar (in 3D) tonight so I may not actually finish those other two posts before we leave in 20 minutes or so.


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