Long time no see

Sorry about the absence, my food hasn’t been very exciting anyway. Even less so the past two days.





The bread is good, I was a sample I got months ago and have been keeping in the freezer for a rainy day. Very seedy like the sunflower seed bagel I like at Chickfila.

The Campbell’s tomato soup was fairly disgusting. Way too sweet and fake tasting.

The stir fry was food, I honestly just sort of threw it together, no measurements, just a ‘huh, that looks good’ I ended up adding more soy sauce later. Sauteed garlic, ground ginger and red onion in olive oil then added frozen stir fry veggies, honey, and soy sauce. Once those defrosted I added some rice that was cooked earlier in the week and some sesame seeds. Let that all warm up, put it in bowls, added the same seasonings back into the pan and panfried the tofu I cooked earlier in the week to warm it up.

Most of my food lately has been saltines, to be honest. My tummy has not been happy with me and the stir fry was my first real meal since Friday lunch. And now I’m back to saltines.

Needless to say, I haven’t run at all this week. Between lack of sleep leading up to what was supposed to be my first tempo run on Thursday and now the fact that I can’t keep anything substantial in my system, I think we’ll just call it a week off and figure out how I can catch up later.

By the way, meet Olivander:



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