Puppy brain

Well well well, what can I say? I’ve had puppies on the brain all day. I didn’t think to put Hubs’ name on the application so I have to be the person to pick up the pup (on the off chance we get one) which is inconvenient being that, you know, I work full time and because of the holidays our time sheets are due a week early, so today I turned in time sheet covering through next Wednesday. There’s also the nice little fact that our lease doesn’t explicitly say we’re allowed to have pets since not all of the company’s properties allow it. And I can’t find the receipt for the pet deposit since I wasn’t the one who paid for it. But all in all I have my hopes a bit too high for our chances but I’ve been keeping an eye on the website and two of the pit bulls we saw there on Sunday have been either adopted or reclaimed, which is awesome.

But for the week I’m back to oatmeal in the mornings! I used a full half cup of oats today since I didn’t feel like I ate enough calories to make up for my run yesterday. I think I must have eaten them before the run though because I was fine today, never really got hungry for a morning snack (had the other half of yesterday’s Clif bar anyway) and didn’t want an afternoon snack till wandering around Earthfare after work. So good job, Mr oatmeal. I think soon enough I’ll be able to just eat banana oats with cinnamon and peanut butter, I almost don’t want the granola anymore, just feel I ought to eat it at some point. My raisins are officially gone though. They were good but I don’t know how much they’ll really be missed.


So half a cranberry orange nut bread Clif bar for snack. It held my over quite awhile and I didn’t eat lunch until the second half of my break, after walking to the science library and back (probs a mile each way with a bitch of a hill both ways too, I checked out books on puppy training). I only ate then because I had to be at the front desk between 1 and 2 and wouldn’t have been able to eat then.


Unfortunately we bought the cheap spinach at Kroger (that’s what I get for shopping with Hubs) and it was fairly nasty and definitely not organic. It will be gone soon enough though. I’m out of goat cheese so I added baby portobello mushrooms intead, with craisins and Ken’s Lite balsamic vinaigrette. Nice and garlicky, not quite what I’d choose to eat before dealing with patrons but oh well.

I had a coupon for a free poinsettia at Earthfare but they were out. We ended up buying a few things anyway (tea, asparagus, pomegranate wine, frozen shrimp) and came home to head straight to the kitchen to make dinner. I made more couscous (a full cup for the two of us, the last of it) while Hubs stir fried the asparagus with garlic, some read onion, and some mushrooms (while I was frantically searching for more proof that we’re allowed to have pets here) and the coconut shrimp baked.


Yum yum, I actually think I would have preferred the shrimp without the sauce packet they came with, though the sauce was pretty good with the couscous mixture.

So tomorrow could be potentially busy in both a good and a bad way. Good because a new addition could come of it, bad because it will be stressful, calling the pound to see if they need clarification on the lease wording and if so having to leave work even earlier to stop by the leasing office beforehand. Not to mention whether to make up time and that Hubs and I are working the rest of the week (he’s off next week and I’m taking the afternoons off) so poor pups will be alone in his crate (with his mess). But there is puppy potential!

Ooh, that clicking means my laundry is done, goodnight!


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