Wee little spheres

Forgive me, I’m lacking the photo department again today. I didn’t really eat anything new until this evening though, so really if you feel like browsing around I’m sure you can figure things out.

Breakfast was two eggs microwaved with nutritional yeast and ketchup. I can’t help it, I grew up in a household where we had special breakfasts on weekends (waffles, pancakes, blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc) so I keep up the tradition now, even if it is so unimaginative as to be repeated every weekend morning 🙂

But after breakfast we went to the pound and visited the dogs. The place is unfortunately full which isn’t good news for many of the sweeties there. Interestingly there were three dogs up who were not up for adoption because they were being held as evidence… I know I’m curious. We played with the puppies and even let Gypsy meet a few (she actually seemed scared of them, she thought she was being mobbed). They were all so cute, but they all have at least 5 applications for them so we’ll see. Our first chance to get one comes up Tuesday, if no one else has picked up those dogs yet. Of course the dogs I’d prefer to have are the ones most applied for. I’m trying to decide whether to settle for one of the others or wait until more puppies come available.

We grabbed lunch at Arby’s on the way home, I just had the regular roast beef with Arby’s sauce, curly fries and a Dr Pepper. Not the healthiest choice I’ve ever made, but we have a buy 4 combos, get one free card so now we’re nearly there.

After waiting for lunch to settle and the rain to stop, I went out and got a new PR! Five miles of dodging puddles, I started to tire at about 3.5 miles but pushed on and I honestly doubt I’d have been able to go much farther. I did take one walking break for about a minute in the middle of a huge hill, but other than a pause .2 mi from the end, waiting on traffic to pass the run was continuous. Now I get to look forward to 6 miles next weekend! Oye, and another 5 on Thursday. Joy. But I know I can do it!

After about 15 minutes of yoga stretching and a nice hot shower to thaw I had about half of my last untried flavor of Clif bar


The cranberry orange nut bread was okay, not quite what I expected and I could only take about half before it started to taste pretty gross. Maybe had I been eating it with a glass of water or something to keep the flavor from building up in my mouth. I’ll eat the other half tomorrow I’m sure.

After the grocery store I came home and had my real dinner:


Israeli couscous (new to me), peas, and baked tofu (first time I tried on my own). The couscous was plain and I liked the texture fine (it is pasta after all). I wish I had cut the tofu up smaller but I was rather annoyed at the time and didn’t think about surface area. The marinade was just thrown together, approximately equal parts honey, soy sauce, and evoo with ground ginger and sesame seeds. Pretty good, even if I totally over poured the ginger. Still tasty. And  I have leftovers.

Well with five miles under my belt I feel like a real runner, but those five miles have left me rather drained so other than starting the dishwasher and putting the leftover tofu away (and maybe eating a clementine for dessert) I think I’ll be spending the rest of the evening on the couch with my book. Or in bed. We shall see. Goodnight!


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