Christmas is all around…

Want a glimpse of our apartment? Here you go! Our coffee table is, unfortunately, always a mess, just ignore it, though you can see my cool speakers now 🙂 The painting of Paris was a gift from my in-laws two Christmases ago and Alex and Dan just happened to find the painting of Venice at a mall and got it home to find that it’s by the same artist. Pretty cool, no?


Well in case you can’t tell by the greenery in the bottom left corner, we bought our Christmas tree yesterday and decorated it last night. Lowe’s has good prices on trees and was selling them for 25% off! (And I definitely wore that scarf to decorate last year’s tree, pure coincidence!)

This year we had help! I think decorating the tree with my family was my favorite day of the year. I miss it but it was nice to be a little untraditional this year.


(The giant tv isn’t ours!)


I don’t really know why we all needed to be in the box at the same time…




Dinner was lovely, a store bought whole wheat pizza crust with Ragu sauce, mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese! Sadly the goat cheese is now gone 😦


During dinner we watched Love, Actually by the glow of the tree lights and then went downtown and saw a couple of friends in a couple of places. The thought is still making me queasy and I’m swearing off liquor for awhile. I can’t stand to let food go to waste so when the bartender offered me another red bull and vodka with the other half of the can he’d already opened for me, I regrettably said ‘okay.’ I did have a good five glasses of water, but evidently to no avail.

Let’s just say this morning started with bread and midafternoon my favorite hangover food was consumed (Kraft mac’n’cheese with the full amount of butter suggested and hot dog cut up and mixed in). I really didn’t feel too bad today, but I obviously still haven’t learned that my tolerance has fallen.

But now I’m looking forward to Christmas even more. We have mostly asked for money and have already been told of an overly generous gift we’ll be receiving. Life will feel much easier soon. And Hubs told me today that my Christmas present from him is permission to get a puppy! There’s a litter of Jack Russell’s at the pound, all of whom have been applied for but we’re going to go fill out an application tomorrow anyway and play with some puppies. I was looking at the pet listings on craigslist today and was really depressed to find that ever third listing in Atlanta is a pit bull. They are such loving dogs it sucks that people like Michael Vick have given such a bad reputation. I really want a smaller dog that I can cuddle on a couch with (instead of one or the other of us feeling like they’re going to fall off the side) and there are so many pits out there and I know we can’t save them all. They’re such cute dogs and really do love people (if they haven’t been taught to fear them).

Well even though I took a four hour nap today, I’m still quite tired. I just thought I’d check in with all of you lovely friends! Goodnight!


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