Fluffy oats!

Wow, I’ve been really bad about this whole picture taking thing over the past two days. I only have two pictures from tonight, and they don’t even cover all of my dinner!

I had the usual banana oatmeal for breakfast this morning with cinnamon, granola, raisins and a dab of peanut butter on top. I tried Kath’s technique of heating everything together (instead of bringing the liquid to a boil first) and they were so much smoother and creamier! I think I’ve found a new way to make oats and it even gives me time to put my lunch together while I wait! Plus this big bowl held me over all the way until lunch (I was hungry so I used 1/2 cup of oats instead of 1/3)

Well lunch was a spinach salad with goat cheese and craisins plus the last of my pomegranate dressing as well as some asiago Kashis which are pretty good, but the flavor is very subtle.

I had a clementine as a mid-afternoon snack and 10 or so almonds with a few shredded wheat and bran pieces before going on a walk with Gypsy. I had myself all geared up to go to a Group Centergy class at the gym tonight but the weather was so beautiful and mild (mid 60s and sunny) that I couldn’t bear to be cooped up and miss it. Plus Gypsy been getting really excited to go out lately so she deserved a longer walk. We walked probably a total of three miles and after her kibble she went upstairs to pass out. One requirement for our next apartment is easy access to sidewalks, for her sake and mine!

Dinner happened in multiple parts. First was chips and salsa: this 1/4 cup measuring cup was originally overflowing


Next came a Gardenburger California burger that I forgot to take a picture of

Third was the last of the roasted vegetables (red potatoes, zucchini and asparagus)


And dessert is a Tootsie pop.

As always I want nothing more than to lie down and read my current Outlander book until I can no longer keep my eyes open but I’m a tad stinky so I think I’ll do tomorrow’s library visitors a favor and take a shower first. I promise to try to remember to take pictures tomorrow! It’s just not the first thing on my mind at 6:00 in the morning!


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