Treat night!

Money-wise, I mean.But more on that momentarily.

In case you’ve forgotten, I eat oatmeal for weekday breakfast, the latest mix being oldfashioned oats (1/3 cup to 1/2 cup depending on whether I ran the day before), water, half a banana cooked in, Trader Joe’s granola sprinkled on top, with peanut butter and raisins.


That actually held me through the morning without more than a clementine as a snack. For lunch I had spinach with craisins, goat cheese, and Ken’s lite pomegranate vinaigrette. I know I said I was going to start avoiding dairy but omg its goat cheese (’nuff said). Plus it tastes awesome with dried cranberries.


I also had half this cookie for dessert. Yes, they’re the cheap grocery store sugar cookie, but they’re so freakin good! (cell phone pic, isn’t my desk purty?)


I had half of a pumpkin pie Clif bar as my afternoon snack, knowing I wouldn’t be going straight home from work. It was a little disappointing. I’ll eat the other half tomorrow and see if I can figure out what the dominating flavor was. Also had the other half of the above cookie on the way to the car.


After dinner hubs and I went to Earthfare! Yay, such a pretty place. I had a 20% off bulk bin coupon (seriously, sign up for the pantry makeover thing, good coupons once a week). We got almonds, Israeli couscous, asparagus, onion, a zucchini, some chai tea, and hubs got some wasabi peas. There might have been a slice of honeycrisp apple with organice caramel sauce and a piece of raw swiss cheese too. Hubs is slowly being converted, we wandered around a bit, and he’s realizing that their sale prices are fairly comparable to Kroger’s regular prices, but for better quality stuff.

We also picked up dinner… steak stuffed with herbs and breadcrumb stuffing(?) with a balsamic glaze which I couldn’t taste at all, I think it all came off on the wrapping. I roasted up some vegetables (asparagus, zucchini, the last of the potatoes from “Thanksgiving”) tossed in olive oil and salt, pepper, parsley, thyme, whatever I grabbed, cooked at 350 for 50(?) minutes, stirring a couple of times. The meat was cooked at the same temp for about 20 minutes.


There were definitely more veggies than meat and I’m expecting a bit of a stomach ache since I eat red meat so rarely. But it looked tasty so I tried it.

My computer speakers are dying… Not cool. Guess its about time to bring my external speakers down from the study. Hubs had his down here for awhile and then took them upstairs so we currently have two sets upstairs. Mine are cooler looking anyway.

I’ll probably have something fruit related for dessert after I shower. We shall see. Goodnight!


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