A first four

Hiya. Why can’t we have morning sunlight all day? It makes my pictures look so much prettier. Case in point:


Clementine eaten before breakfast.

Another good one:


Breakfast itself of two scrambled eggs (microwaved) and hashbrowns made by Hubs (both later doused in ketchup)

Now this just looks like I have a fish eye lens (I don’t, just a simple point and shoot):


Soup for dinner, 1/2 box of veggie broth, a bag of Kroger brand frozen vegetable soup mix, last of the leftover beans

With some blurry rolls I toasted. Ignore the mess that is our coffee table. And please don’t ask me why the vase of beer bottle caps is on it. Can’t wait to be rid of those.


I’ve also had  nibbles here and there, and an unphotographed lunch of mac’n’cheese (so close to being gone). I’ve decided that I’m going to toss that recipe, neither of us were all that impressed.

Today my training plan called for 4 miles, which I hadn’t yet run continuously (only on a walk/run plan). I wasn’t looking forward to it since moving the past week’s worth of runs back means I’ve now officially broken the 10% rule and technically over trained, but I really didn’t want to give myself an excuse to start putting things off so I did it. Thankfully it wasn’t quite as cold as I thought it was going to be outside. It was very slow, took me 45 minutes and I did take two breaks but I think both were ligitimate. One was to blow my nose, I needed the extra air at the top of a hill, the other waiting on a traffic light. So I did it and I can’t be blamed for having to wait on traffic. Goodness though, even walking back to the house was slow. Thankfully I only have two miles to go on Tuesday, that should feel nice and short (I hope).

After the run I came right in and turned on my YogAmazing podcast for runners to stretch out. It’s insane how much flexibility I’ve lost since I let myself slack off on stretching. My December resolution is to make time to stretch, even if I have my book on the floor in front of me 🙂

Thinking of my book, I have that and a cup of (sugar-free) hot chocolate awaiting!



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