I said brrrr, its cold in here…

We have yet to turn on the heat… yay! I’ve been sitting around in sweatshirts, thick socks and slippers and the apartment has been staying a nice, consistent 61-64 degrees. I’m missing the sweatshirt at the moment and starting to feel it as the downstairs cools down after the use of the oven.

Breakfast was a nice warm egg fluff… two eggs with nutritonal yeast and ketchup


still munchy I had an hfcs laden roll


Still hungry I added a clementine to the regime


and finally I was relatively satisfied after a second roll. I’m always hungrier the day after I run.

Lunch was leftover mac’n’cheese, I apparently didn’t bother finding my camera.

Dinner was inspired by a trip to Walmart to exchange a pencil sharpener. I had planned on mixing the last of my beans into some salsa for my meal but Hubs suggested we buy a pizza and I couldn’t say no. It was some Freschetta brand supreme pizza, I had half (carb loading for 4 miles tomorrow? 🙂 ). It got better as I ate. I think my tastebuds are slowly becoming accustomed to less salty, more natural foods (or so I’d like to think) so this tasted salty and a bit fake at first, but then I got hooked. It was small compared to Digiorno pizzas and I don’t feel over stuffed, even with a few chips with salsa as an appetizer.


Today has been blissfully lazy. I’ve read for most of it and took a nap, which accidently took up three hours of my afternoon. I’m going to go make up some of the time I lost to interruptions and finish off this glass of wine as well. Now where did I leave that sweatshirt?


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