Shaky hands

I am rather sleepy at this point (yup, 8:00 on a Friday night). Obviously I didn’t fuel properly after my run. But in any case, I can’t put forth the thought to write a drawn out post, so we’ll get straight to the point.

I got to open a new granola this morning! I got this when I got the TJ’s pumpking spice granola. This just sort of added crunch to my oatmeal, I couldn’t really taste the berries. Maybe they were drown out by the peanut butter.


1 cup water, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup granola, two dollops peanut butter. Love the pb on the oatmeal. Oh and cinnamon. My hand is so shaky, sorry about the slightly blurred photos.


Morning snack was a clementine! Love love love them

Lunch consisted of many containers. Spinach, container for leftover dressing from last night (balsamic, olive oil, garlic)


With a container of leftover sauteed veggies, I only ate about half, mixed in with the spinach.


With some new Kashis. Pretty good, all Kashi’s tend to have very mild flavors. Guess I just got spoiled by Cheez-Its.


Kashis were on sale at Kroger last  night, as were seasonal Clif bars! Oh my God I just totally hit the jackpot last night. I got three of each of the seasonal flavors (plus the clementines). I had half of this gingerbread Clif mid-afternoon and since I was still hungry, the other half on the walk to the car.


Unfortunately at the end of my three mile run (throughout which I totally dragged, finally got to see what a 12:31 mile feels like) I started getting really bad stomach cramps. Won’t be eating Clif bars before my run anymore! I did get to wear my sexy new running tights though 🙂

Got home and headed to the mall with Hubs to look for a gift for his secret santa and check out JC Penny’s one day sale. I didn’t find anything there but found two sweaters for $12.99 each at Charlotte Russe. I had no idea that store was so cheap! I think I found a new favorite. Now if only they made bras in my size…

I took grapes with me in the car to the mall and was quite hungry anyway by the time we left. Came home to leftovers. Mac’n’cheese and rather dull looking beans. Not my favorite meal but leftovers need eating.


and now I’m off to take a quick shower to thaw and read my little heart out, until I can no longer keep my eyes open. There might be some more snackage, I seem to be a bottomless pit today.


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