A letter from the editor…

To my dearest bloggy community,

I am a very boring person. My meals were all the exact same as yesterday. Please forgive me for not boring you further with many of the same photographs.

Instead allow me to share this picture of my silly Hubs and our silly dog:


Yes, the Hubs is dead asleep and had no clue that Gypsy was lying on him in such a way.

But this one remains my favorite:

Screen shot 2009-12-02 at 7.08.07 PM

Though she looked like this more often than we would have liked


And it was probably often her fault.

And so now the goal is to save moneys to pay off all the vet bills and all the credit cards and to find myself a new friend who might look like this

ukdbaslexunjogw (source)


And after all of this contemplation and distraction my tummy still wants more food and my mouth some crunch so finishing of the tortilla chip crumbs seems an appropriate venture.



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