Weekend break

Another bad weekend for food blogging in the CW household… But I’ll share what I have 🙂

Saturday morning we used the last of our Apple Fest apple bread to make French toast:


After letting this settle, Hubs and I went on a bike ride! Every April in Athens there a cycling festival called Twilight and I’ve decided that after the half marathon in March I’d really like to do what they call a Twiathalon: a 5k run, a 50k bike, and instead of the typical swim for the third leg (or first, technically) everyone goes over to the Jittery Joes Roastery and gets a tour. I’m trying to convince Hubs to work on the running part and do this with me, he’d be more interested in the coffee roasting bit. I know I can do it, just not sure about him. We’re going to try to go on bike rides on Saturday mornings, probably ride up to a coffee shop with some books and read for a bit and then bike home. I’m terrified of biking on the roads around here, especially lacking bike lanes, but cycling is such great cross training for running, working the opposing muscles. I want to be good at it!

Anyhow, Saturday night the gang converged on Athens for the Georgia GATech game… I learned rather quickly that I don’t have the alcohol tolerance I used to and passed out before the game even ended. Before that I did my damnedest to help finish off a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa and also had a portabello veggie burger for my entrée. No photos…

Sunday was spent insanely hungover and Hubs made me my favorite recovery meal of mac’n’cheese, again including a hot dog (recycled picture)


More chips and salsa.

Hubs took my camera upstairs on Saturday and I was too lazy to go get it this morning for a picture of oatmeal that you see almost every day and then forgot that I’d need it for a picture of my lunch. So I had oatmeal for lunch with banana, peanut butter, granola, and raisins. And lunch was a spinach salad with a hard boiled egg and pear. Yum.

Since I skipped my run yesterday I did it today. Three miles with two walking breaks, once to join my friend who had a cramp, the other to blow my nose. At least I remembered to take tissues with me today! I came home and stretched out with 20 minutes of Yogamazing’s yoga for runners podcast. By the time I got done my stomach was turning in on itself with hunger and the rice still had 22 minutes to cook, so I had a fruit leather which was perfectly satisfying.


Dinner was brown rice with half a thawed container of gumbo. Yum yum yum. I’m trying ton convince the Hubs that the last container needs to wait awhile.


And the last slice of red velvet cake. The gang did a good job of demolishing it Saturday night.


I’m actually still a bit peckish. We don’t have much but chips and salsa for snacking but I’m not hungry for that. I think I’ll just finish the chapter I’m reading and head to bed. Goodnight y’all!


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