A not so veg.

Enjoying the new layout? I decided something with only one sidebar would work better and I do like my lime in my gin and tonic… πŸ™‚

I briefly ventured out this morning and was disappointed that Target wasn’t having storewide sales. I bought a pair of running tights anyway, plus new running socks and a grey belt that I can finally wear with black shoes. I’ve been needing a non-brown belt for quite awhile now.

Here’s a nice steamy picture for you:


Breakfast consisted of two scrambled eggs and a spoonful or two of leftover stuffing, also with two pieces of wheat toast spread with lite butter and cinnamon


It was big… which probably explains why I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day.

I finally pulled myself out of my book to put in my two miles in the pavements. It was not fun and I don’t really want to repeat it any time soon. But oh lookie I’ve got three miles on the schedule for Sunday. Aren’t I lucky. It seems like nine out of ten runs are bad runs for me and I hate it. No idea how to fix that, but it sure does make a good run feel all the better.

After a shower I snacked on some chips and salsa (used a bit more portion control this time!) and not too long after that Hubs made dinner. I had leftover roasted vegetables:


And Macncheese with a hot dog. Not the healthiest but it was the only thing that sounded good. I have yet to soak my dried beans. The thought did occur to me to go set that up now, but we’re grilling out with the boys besties (and the accompanying girls) tomorrow night so I won’t need them yet.


I’m still playing with photo size, I want them bigger than they have been but not so big as to be falling off the page (part of the motivation in only one sidebar). Bear with my while I sort it out! I predict half a slice of red velvet cake in my future… So much for avoiding dairy πŸ™‚


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