Happy Thanksgiving!

WordPress is still griping about how it needs to update. I’ve promised I’ll do it soon but my book is much too interesting for me to want to pull myself away just yet. I’ll do it for you though!

Even though I knew there would be a ton of food to consume mid-day I went ahead and made mself a bowl of oatmeal this morning involving 1/2 cup of oats, banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, granola and raisins. Probably more than I really needed today but it was scrumptious!


I realized on the way to Hubs’ aunts’ house that I should have taken my camera but I at least took some cell phone pictures! I had sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green bean casserole, mac’n’cheese (I think), corn (x2), a deviled egg (x3), corn bread, and a tiny bit of turkey with homemade cranberry sauce. Hubs’ cousin stayed up all night smoking the turkey in a smoker his shop class built. It was definitely the best turkey I’ve ever had.


My inlaws provided this giant red velvet cake for dessert (thinking of us, perhaps, we had red velvet as our wedding cake). Hubs and I split a slice and brought a good chunk home (I’ve been too afraid to look and see just how much)


After the traditional stuffing we petted the pets (skipped the giant pigs this year though, seriously probably taller than me) and headed home. After realizing how tight we are on money (expect to see lots of rice and beans for awhile) and realizing we’ll be skipping the Christmas tree, I had dinner of a spinach salad with craisins and raspberry pomegranite dressing and some trailmix. Light and healthy after an indulgent day.


Now forgive me but I just can’t stay away from my book!


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