An Early Thanksgiving

I don’t have anything particularly exciting to post about the last few days so I’ll post about our roommate Thanksgiving from last night. Hubs cooked a turkey breast as well as an apple strudel, Alex made stuffing (I even got my own dish sans sausage and cheese), and I made roasted winter vegetables in a red onion vinaigrette from The Flexitarian Table.

I also used this


to make mulled wine


My plate looked like this:


(veggies and stuffing) and I went back for seconds of both.

The strudel was tasty


And we watched Funny People while we ate. It was very long and drawn out, but James Taylor makes an appearance, and he’s singing my song (Caroline in my Mind)! One of the songs my dad used to sing me to sleep with. I always forget what a filthy mouth JT has.

Breakfast this morning involved two scrambled eggs with nutritional yeast and ketchup and two slices of whole wheat toast with butter


I slept till nearly 11:30 after our late night Monday so this was more like brunch. Around two I gorged myself on chips and salsa (Hubs poured too much and I have trouble leaving food).

My right achilles tendon has been feeling tight the past few days and I hurt my ankle slightly by hurrying back into the office on Tuesday so I decided I may as well move my runs from a Sun/Tue/Thu schedule to Mon/Wed/Fri this week. I ran today but it was sore the whole time and I came back home and iced it. Hopefully tomorrow will heal it.

Dinner was an odd conglomoration of food needing eating and leftovers…


whole wheat egg noodles, two week old farmer’s market edamame, peas (from my ankle), and leftover roasted vegetables. Very nutritious!

We then started watching The Haunted Airman, in which a pre-Twilight Rob Pattinson plays a wheelchair bound RAF agent during World War II… No plot. No resolution. Confusing and poor acting. I definitely don’t recommend it.

I’m going to continue enjoying the quiet house now by reading some more of my book!


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