Lazy, rainy sunday.

Hiya, I’ve spent half the day in bed with allergies (the cat has been venturing downstairs a lot more lately). It’s a relief to know it is allergies though, instead of a cold. I slept till noon, had some crackers for breakfast soon followed by some leftover gumbo for lunch. There was some tea and a cookie, a full disc of Gossip Girl, and I’m sure I dozed off here and there.

Hubs made beef and vegetable soup over whole wheat egg noodles with… Hawaiian rolls? I don’t know, something I’d never heard of.


Basically today has been extremely lazy and therefore rather unremarkable. Sorry to be boring! It was raining all day and it seemed a bit ridiculous to drive 7 miles round trip to the gym for a two mile run… so I’ll make it up tomorrow. I feel a little bad skipping so early in the plan, bt oh well. I was worried I was getting sick. I did whittle my middle last night at nearly midnight! That’s devotion, right?



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