Glee on Pandora!

I owe my day to Meghann! She tweeted about a Glee Cast pandora station and I was rocking out to it all day at work, and a crappy day it would have been otherwise. It has songs from Glee, Broadway, Disney movies, and Jason Mraz! I don’t know that I could ask for a better mix (unless looking for something to workout to).

Hubs requested WaHo for breakfast since he had a test today and needed something to motivate him to wake up. I can’t find a picture of my usual, but it involved cheesy scrambled eggs, hashbrowns with onions, raisin toast and coffee.

Lunch was a salad with my farmer’s market lettuce, craisins and some green onion


The lettuce is so pretty!


I have absolutely no appetite today, must be my body adjusting after so many calories at lunch yesterday. I had a bag of Mrs Vicky’s chips after work and Hubs just made some popcorn for dinner. Plus a post road pumpkin beer!

We’re about to start Slumdog Millionaire, laters!


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