Runner's hiiiiiiigh!

Alright, well, in case you can’t tell, the best thing about my day was definitely my run! I just wanted to keep going and going and going… But dinner was waiting on the stove so I forced myself to stop 🙂 I did run nearly double what was actually called for on my training plan. The plan says 2 mi at 12:31 and I definitely did a good 3-3.5 mi at more like 10:30 miles. That’s seriously what you need to reassure you that you haven’t made a mistake spending $130 signing up for a half marathon which you have yet to make hotel reservations for… (*mental note, research tomorrow…)

Maybe it’s all the food I ate today. There was breakfast… banana oats with a bit of brown sugar and some granola (I bought peanut butter today! just not in time for breakfast)


And then there was the Library Staff Association’s Thanksgiving Luncheon. A potluck for library staff (sneaky cell phone pic!)


I had (counterclockwise from the left) a bite of Tofurky just to try, salad, green beans, marinated vegetables, rice and red bean paste, sweet potato casserole, macaroni, and onion quiche. The sweet potatos were amazing and I definitely went back for more quiche and vegetables. I also had a tiny piece of apple spice cake and a nutella sandwich to sample the desserts.

Hubby made me dinner! Whole wheat spaghetti, HeartSmart pasta sauce, sauteed red onion, and some al fresco all natural sweet apple chicken sausage. It was good! And a sweet potato on the side (though it wasn’t cooked all the way through, he was a fatty!)



I feel like I did a good job of taking a small portion of spaghetti. It’s so easy to take a lot.

I’m going to go enjoy this feeling of satisfaction and read for 15 minutes before the Vampire Diaries start. So worth it if just for Stefan’s abs! Goodnight!


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