I've said it before…

and I’m sure I’ll say it again but… I’m back! I’m back to blogging, I’m back to running, I’m back to a training plan, back to short hair, back to ab crunching, back to less healthy eating, back to bananas, back to oatmeal… I’m sure I’m missing something…

Not too much excitement in my eating lately. In fact, part of the lack of posting is probably from some self-conscious embarrassment about poor or unimaginative eating. I’ve had craft mac’n’cheese and hot dogs. I’ve had Dunken Donuts. Cookies. Ice cream. Beer. Lot’s of treats in a small time frame. But all totally worth it to the tastebuds.

I had a first this morning! Hubby’s trying to finish off a box of corn pops so I’ve been making oatmeal for one this week. I finally remembered to pull a frozen banana out and make banana oats! I nuked the ‘naner for about 30 seconds before cutting it up and stirring it in. Omg, so much better! Just banana and oats with a dash of cinnamon and TJ’s pumpkin granola sprinkled on top! Definitely being repeated tomorrow 🙂 And maybe I’ll remember to snap a picture while I’m at it. It ain’t easy at 5:45 in the morning.

I’m still loving my work snacks of almonds and cereal, and my lunch was leftover mac’n’cheese.

[There are pictures coming, I promise]

Today marked my first day of half marathon training! I need to buy some gold stars or something to have a fun way to check off workouts. The plan called for 2 miles at 12:31, but that’s super slow even for me so I think I averaged more like 11:00 miles. Let me tell you, it was hard. After a month off, three miles on Sunday, walking up 5 flights up stairs multiple times, walking a mile on my morning break and 1.3 miles to go pick up my car (and I walk fast, even for leisure), my legs were not happy about being forced to do more. I did sleep really well for a good nine hours last night so I’m not complaining about that though!

My running buddy and knowing that I couldn’t let a measly 2 miles whip me helped me through. I’ve run with this girl (Jenny) once before Sunday and I hope it works out that she can go with me. She’s definitely available Sundays, but those are long run days so she may not last long if she can’t make it out during the week. It was her who got me out on the pavements this past Sunday, I honestly probably wouldn’t have gone if she hadn’t emailed me asking if I wanted to go. Thank God for running buddies.

Came back in and whittled my middle! I wasn’t very good about remembering last week, but I’m in now! I took yesterday off because it’s working my back more than my abs, or I guess my abs were already stronger. I’m also trying to stand/sit up straighter so the two combined has my back rather hurting.

Anyway, after a hard run and a walk back in the rain, Hubs and I decided we were too lazy to zap anything for dinner (God forbid we unpackage something and toss it in the microwave) so we tried a new takeout place called Choo-Choos who offers Korean-Japanese style food.

After finding it was a 40 minute wait I had a fruit strip to help pass the time


I got their house tofu dish which is just fried rice, tofu, veggies, and three sauces (though they totally gave us two of the same).


I really liked it and then Hubs had to go point out that since it caters to college kids (most often probably drunk or cramming) and is so cheap, it probably has msg in it. Why you gotta go and ruin things for me? Well I have two more servings of it and I’ll eat it happily.

And now for the hair reveal for those folks not my friend on facebook…

Here’s the befores… After a shower and brief blow dry:



Here we are between cut and color. I hadn’t put a lot of work into styling it yet so ignore the flipping out at the bottom (I think I might should have gone shorter actually, this is going to be a perpetual problem)

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 8.29.39 PM

And here we are, cut and color:

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 8.28.48 PM

It’s not very dramatic, I know, but I was being cautious for my first self dye job. I do love the color though, its richer, darker, with a bit of red in the sun… Lovely.

I’m off to have a cookie and finish a chapter before bed. Goodnight!


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