A story of meals

For breakfast there was oatmeal, attempted in the microwave, topped with pumpkin, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, granola, and some homemade raspberry lemon muffin. The microwave won’t be used again.


Snack attacks were calmed by trail mix and a tangerine while lunch was spinach and a leftover chicken tender, a delightful combination.


Pilates was mission accomplished and there are hopes for soreness tomorrow.

To refuel there were ten of these gifts:


one of these:


many of these:


swimming in some not so memorable Trader Joe’s carrot ginger soup:


a bite of failed kale chips:


and about four bites of this:



Most of the recipes I’ve seen for kale chips involve baking them at 350* for 20 minutes or so. Mine were cooked at 350 for 12 minutes and still were disappointing. I might try again tomorrow or I might just make the massaged salad again.


I believe that talking to my coworkers about Rose yesterday and talking about how it was the kinder thing to do (for all involved) actually managed to convince me at the same time. I didn’t cry last night and I don’t feel nearly as sad today. I even looked at the humane society’s website just for fun. We won’t be ready for a new dog for awhile and agree that we want a puppy, which means waiting until we have the time or space for training. A kitchen we can block off until house trained and time to watch the pup and Gypsy together to make sure Gypsy doesn’t play too rough.

I do however know what kind of dog I want when the time comes (Jack Russell) and have since Meghann got her Maddy. And I already know what name I want to propose when the time comes (Katydid, Kady for short). I want a puppy so that I can train her to be as much as a cuddle-bug as Rose was, something that Gypsy is lacking.

At the same time I know I’m going to be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the next while thanks to the change of hormones, so I’m not putting much stock in the fact that I suddenly feel the grieving is over. There’s still a huge hole in my life and I can’t say how lonely I feel without her here.

Well the sadness isn’t as gone as I though. I’m going to say goodnight now and go seek the company of my husband and his dog.


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