And I'm back

Again. I feel like I’ve taken a lot of time away from you guys lately. At least I have a good excuse this time. I miss her most in the evenings when she’d sit with me while I read or watch tv. I’m able to detach fairly well during the day and it all comes out at night. I know those of you with pets understand.

Here’s a picture of Gypsy showing off her new leash and collar, bought Saturday while waiting for Rose to be brought out to us the final time. “Retail therapy” as the vet tech joked.


We’ve had a Lupine leash for her before but neglected to take them up on their lifetime guarantee ‘even when chewed’ after she nawed through it. We’ve learned not to tie her up and walk out of her line of sight, so it shouldn’t be a problem this time. Yes its hot pink. No, Jason has yet to walk her in it. He’s not big on walking anyway, says he doesn’t have time and doesn’t like it. I’m trying to get better about walking her in the afternoon at least, up to the mailbox and back, about a half mile. I’m also making an effort to walk on my two fifteen minute breaks instead of sitting reading a book so maybe I can start to burn off these unwanted inches I seem to have found.

I actually had time to take Gypsy on a walk this morning too because Hubs and I went out to breakfast instead of my having to cook oatmeal and then sit and eat it. I know she appreciated it before being locked in her crate all day. You all saw the picture. After eating the Halloween candy the previous day, we’re sticking to it this time.

We went to Chickfila and I got a chicken-less chicken, egg and cheese bagel this time. It was tasty!


One of our security guards at work brought muffins over to the office for us girls. They’re raspberry lemon and were quite good! I ate about a third of one and, listening to my tummy, put the rest away to save for an oatmeal topper tomorrow. I was definitely still full from breakfast and I’m happy I listened.

I had my usual salad for lunch with a sprinkle of parmesan and a nearly soft boiled egg. I think we’re out of eggs which makes me sad, but I need to go buy more olive oil anyway so perhaps I’ll pick some up tomorrow.


I haven’t had much of an appetite since this weekend so I didn’t eat this until after my lunch break and didn’t eat much of my snack this afternoon at all.

We had bought Rose some chicken strips to boil a week ago in the hopes that she would start getting better and eat them (she wouldn’t eat the other chicken we made her) and knew they needed to be eaten tonight. After an egg bath and a dunk in breadcrumbs mixed with a garlic and herb seasoning these were baked for 15 minutes at 400*. If you try this I recommend doing it for a few minutes less as some of these were rather tough. As much as I want to lose weight and eat locally I indulged again tonight and ate what was on hand, including some Kraft bacon ranch dressing that Alex and Dan don’t want (thanks guys!)


I’m also nursing this beer, just because it sounded good


I meant to run today, but I’ve been craving a long walk ever since Saturday. I think I was needing it to clear my head. In any case I hadn’t gotten it yet and my car wasn’t on campus because Jason took Gypsy in to be checked to make sure she doesn’t have the same thing Rose had mixed with a stronger immune system. We won’t hear back about the lab results until tomorrow but we and the vet agree she seems perfectly healthy. Can’t hurt anything but the bank account to make sure. In any case, I was supposed to take the bus home but decided it was a good opportunity to get my walk in. So I walked the 3.3 miles in my red, hard soled flats and I do feel better for it. I walk fairly fast too so I’m content with my workout.

I can’t believe it’s already 9:00. I had hoped to get a lot more reading in before bed, but perhaps I can sneak a quick shower and read for a bit in bed instead.

Here’s to hoping I actually find the motivation to go to pilates tomorrow night! Or maybe a list will help remind me:

  • $50 a month for a gym membership I haven’t used in the past several months
  • my less than flat abs
  • my annoyingly painful back last week
  • yoga immediately following to stretch out my hips from the running I’m supposed to be doing
  • across the street from a grocery store where they stock things like olive oil, Pam, and eggs, all the lovely things I’m lacking

Pester me about it! Hold me accountable! I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow 🙂


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