Sad goodbyes

We found out at the vet on Friday that Rose was suffering from kidney failure and that her earlier vomiting could have been related. We set her up on aggressive fluid therapy and left her at the vet for the night. The vet was kind enough to stop by and check on her on his way home from a meeting in Atlanta and there was no change, though she should have produced more urine than she had. When we called to check on her in the morning the vet tech said she was the same, though the doctor soon called us back and told us that had there been marked improvements overnight he might have held out hope but he felt it would be kindest to put her down. We said goodbye at 11:45 on Saturday and were with her as she went. We buried her in the back yard and planted two azalea bushes in her memory.

As many of you know I loved her like a child. Please forgive me if I take the weekend off of blogging.

Screen shot 2009-11-08 at 2.34.26 PM


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