I survived!

I’m going to Atlanta for a concert tonight with my parents (happy birthday mom!) so I thought I’d post now. The procedure this morning wasn’t that bad, and the pain began wearing off as soon as it was done. A nice long nap with the heating pad has helped immensely was well. I feel all better!

This morning I got up and did a crappy little 20 minute walk/run. It was cold! Project Snow all the way. I blame the fact that I’m not used to breathing in 37 degree weather for how hard it was. I had bread with pb before leaving


And trying to force myself to eat before the doctor’s office I had most of an egg, a cheesy roll, and half an apple


And lunch was a quick Boca chick’n patty on another cheesy roll.

Gotta run and get Rose back to the vet! I’ll be back tomorrow.



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