Hump day already?

Yes I suppose it is, lucky us! Tomorrow’s my Friday again 🙂 I’m going in for a doctor’s appointment Friday morning and judging by my most recent experiences, I might require a bit more recovery than the average woman and went ahead and asked for the day off. Plus it’s my mommy’s birthday, an old friend is in Atlanta, and we just happen to be heading to that town Friday night for a concert with my parents anyway… Isn’t it nice how things work out sometimes?

Well now that we’ve established what I’m looking forward to I’ll briefly mention that I’ve had a stressful evening as relates to my baby, Rose, but I successfully got her to eat some yogurt, so things might be looking up? She’s so weak she can’t even stand, did I mention that? If we couldn’t get her to eat tonight or tomorrow  morning I’d have to stress my already understaffed office even further by requesting time off at the last minute to take her to the vet. But she ate yogurt! How much of it was actual interest and how much just my yogurt covered finger in the right place while her tongue was licking her lips, I don’t know. But it’s a victory.

To be brief, there was pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast and I couldn’t resist another yummy egg


More trail mix, forgot the tangerine


With leftover rice and bean for lunch, so good!


I had been leaning towards spaghetti for dinner but Hubs requested fast food so that we could get to Walmart and home soon enough to get a nap before he had to go to lab. Well he didn’t have time for a nap, but I got to eat at Zaxby’s for the first time. I have a good friend who loves Zaxby’s and could never believe I’d never eaten there. I decided to go for the chicken tender plate to try a bit of everything. And Hubs wanted both wings and chicken tenders so it might have saved a little money. I ate 3 of the 5 chicken tenders with the Zaxby’s sauce, all of the crinkle fries, Texas toast, and coleslaw.


The sauce was interesting and I’m a sucker for cheap coleslaw, but I seem to be losing my taste for fried chicken. It just wasn’t appealing after three tenders! The toast was lacking garlic flavoring but the fries were awesome! I think crinkle fries are tied with steak fries as my favorite.

I had been hoping to run today but knew it wouldn’t happen when I hurt my back today. After spending yesterday evening with the heating pad it was feeling much better until I tried to carry a stack of books from one book truck to a cart. Ooops.

I’m exhausted. Time to shower then try to feed Rose again. Hopefully I’ll have time to read a chapter of my book and still get to bed early.


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