Sick dogs

I can’t totally blame it all on Rose… part of the lack of posts is due to just plain laziness on my part. I know Gina understands! (Hope Bella is feeling better!)

Last night I tried to install Flickr manager and it doesn’t work, so I backed up the blog and upgraded WordPress. Still no dice. So I’ll stick with regular uploading. But I had to wait for the backup last night. And the night before… well… I think there was a struggle to get dinner cooked, get me showered, spend time with Hubster, and get to bed at least slightly early. Sorry! I’m back! I promise!

I’m back to pumpkin oats for breakfast. Same basic mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, canned pumpkin, brown sugar, vanilla extract and oats (cooked per the instructions on the canister) plus granola on top.


Granola is the key ingredient, I swear. And I bought two bags during a little foray to Trader Joe’s Sunday night 🙂 The concert was right across the street from my high school… which just happens to be right across the street from Trader Joes. How could I not pass through? Amazingly I forgot pumpkin butter though. Oh well, I’ll be back in Atlanta next Friday 😉

A coworker brought in Krispy Kreme donuts this morning and I succumbed when no one else seemed to be eating them. Didn’t want her to feel unappreciated or anything. Plus she brought in pumpkin spice donuts! We all know my pumpkin obsession around here. It actually was’t all that flavorful, but definitely left me nice and full.


For lunch I took more leftover soup which looked like a mashup of these two soups (roasted vegetable lentil on the left, butternut squash with chicken sausage on the right):


I made the second soup last night because a) I had half a butternut squash to use, b) I had half a box of veggie stock to use and c) Hubs didn’t like the lentils in the first soup, so I decided to try something we could both eat. He liked the butternut squash/sausage soup better but I didn’t. Next time I’ll make the squash/sweet potato soup again and just put lentils in half and maybe sausage in the other half. The sweet potato lends it a little hint of sweetness and I think creamy soups with no texture kind of weird me out in general. Also the sausage I picked has fennel seeds in it, which I didn’t realize and don’t care for.

But I combined the two for leftovers which worked out well today. I actually ate half during lunch and half after. Soups fill me up quickly but don’t hold me for long. I was rather surprised to find myself full so quickly but happy that I listened to my body. I’m trying to work on that. I also took a salad to eat and didn’t need it so its in the office fridge for tomorrow.

Dinner was eaten in two parts… I had an unpictured hardboiled egg (made some for Rose this morning and had a weird craving for one), a very small spinach salad with balsamic, parmesan, and almond slices.


And two slices of thin crust pizza with sauce, onion, and a scattering of spinach. Hubby added cheese and chili peppers to his half.


I received a coupon for a free 3 lb bag of honeycrisp apples from Earthfare when I next make a purchase. I currently have 5 on the counter and the coupon expires Sunday so I think y’all can expect to see some baked apples or maybe something inspired by this apple recipe soon. We’re having a Halloween get together (not a party, a football game watching session) so I might make a twist on a crumble inspired by Tina’s stuffed apples for dessert.


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