New phones!

Hello! Sorry for the late post, after spending an hour and a half at Radio Shack and then having to go to another location afterward to pick up a second phone, running out to buy more paper towels, and cleaning up various places where the dogs have gotten sick, all Hubs and I really wanted to do was put our feet up with a hot beverage and watch an episode of Rome. (Yes, there is a vet visit scheduled for this evening)

Because I got bed late Wednesday night I saved my shower for yesterday morning, not leaving myself time for oatmeal. So I had some Cascadian Farms cereal and soy milk. Quite tasty and it actually held me over better than I expected.


I think this picture is sideways, but my trail mix morning snack was roasted almonds with more cereal. Yum yum


Most Mondays and Wednesday I meet my friend Sarah for lunch. Twice a month she has lunchtime seminars to go to and being a very picky eater she evidently doesn’t eat the box lunch they provide her so she offered it to me! Since I’d already had pizza I saved it for yesterday’s lunch. Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with dabs of mustard and mayo. Sadly didn’t get to eat the tomatoes, they’re moldy! I was so looking forward to them too.


A little bit later I had the pasta salad that came in the box. It had lot of peas! I haven’t had peas in awhile. I like peas.


The box lunch also came with Ms. Vicky’s chips which I’m saving for an emergency snack some other day.

Hubs and I started our evening at the AT&T store but they had no free phones! Much less any cool cheap phones. When we were at Radio Shack a couple of weeks ago we noticed cool cheap phones so we headed down the shopping center and gave them our business instead. It took ages, but I ended up with an LG Xenon

LG_Xenon_610x511 Source

It’s pretty and blue and has a touch screen and a full qwerty keyboard. We splurged and went ahead and got data plans and I have GPS. I went ahead and got a case and the protective layer for the touch screen. I’m so excited. And it has a camera and bluetooth so I can transfer pictures to my computer (also bluetooth enabled) when I forget my camera. This little feature just happened to be tested on dinner…

Since we had to go to the mall to pick up Hubby’s phone of choice and it was already nearly 7:00 we went to chickfila for dinner. A meal completely saturated in corn. Chicken raised on corn, HFCS based dipping sauce, HFCS ketchup… yum yum. One meal a week won’t hurt a girl. I got a kid’s meal so only 6 nuggets, a tiny fry (which is good), and tiny lemonade, which of course required a refill.


After dinner we stopped by Bath and Body Works to buy gifts for Alex and her mom and stopped by to see and Alex and Dan at her apartment which is essentially across the street from the mall. And then returned home to clean up after the dogs.

Over all it was a good night though! Have a good day!


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